Any success with propagating from cuttings

marshayeagerNovember 22, 2008

Has any gardener had success with propagating from cuttings here in Atlanta? When should this be done here? Do you need bottom heat, mist system, etc.?

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Here is information on that subject, courtesy of the American Camellia Society Website. Most camellias can be propagated via cuttings taken around the summer time. I have not taken cuttings this time of the year so I cannot comment on how successful anyone would be. Put the odds on your favor by taking many cuttings instead of just one, two or three.

Here is a link that might be useful: Methods of propagating camellias

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Most folks feel the optimun time is mid summer here in the south, just after the new flush of growth has hardened off & the humidity is high. But I know of many folks that have GOOD sucess in every month except september-- so go for it!!!!!!

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ibartoo(z8 sc)

I have been successful cutting them in the fall and rooting them in a forsythe pot on an enclosed porch. I have had more success then than in the heat of the summer.

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