Will it survive?

Wendy1986April 12, 2012

I know next to nothing about succulents, but when I was poking around the ratty backyard (I've been slowly improving it one section at a time) of our rented house, I found a plastic pot with some succulents in it. Everything was dead except a few of them because they were mostly in the shade shoved behind a bunch of crap. Well, I repotted them and watered them lightly, but they didn't look like they had very much in the way of roots. Are succulents shallow rooted? They are now sitting in a sunny spot, but will they live, do you think? Also, I have no clue what type they are, they have pointy ends (leaves?), green on top and green and white horizontal stripes on the bottom. They are little, between four and six inches across and the biggest maybe four inches high. Thoughts are appreciated. Thanks! :-)

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rosemariero6(z10 /ss24 So. Calif.)

Yes, there is a chance it will survive. :) I sounds like you have Haworthia attenuata (common name Zebra plant). (See the link below. Does it look like your plant?)

Some succulents have shallow roots. I'm not sure about this one. The fact it has any is a good sign, as long as they're not mushy. Don't put them in full sun right away. Start with a partially shady spot (if still in a pot) & move them into sunnier position gradually.

Use well draining soil & water when dry.

Yes, things with pointy ends are leaves, :)
Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Haworthia attenuata

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succulents are fairly resilient and some are easily propagated by breaking a piece of it off and sticking it in well draining mix. there's a good chance yours will develop roots.

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Thanks! I didn't think anyone had replied because the site didn't e-mail them to me! I really appreciate the info! :D

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