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JediOfPlantsNovember 11, 2013

I ordered around 50 seeds from camellia forest nursery just 10 days ago to this date. To my surprise they are already germinating just 8 days sown. On heat mat at 80 degrees F, and under a Compact fluorescent grow bulb. The fact that they grew so fast means they are high quality and very viable seeds. I would totally recommend them to anyone looking to grow your own tea. They take care in the way they ship their products. And will get it too you with in 3 days if specified. Now i will break down the steps i took to achieve such fast germination for others looking to grow seeds that are viable to grow. NOTE! (Not all seeds are viable even if they sink when cracked open and seeds soaked seeds can still sink when shells absorb water.) Best way to see if the majority of your seeds are good. Is to manually crack open with a nut cracker or sand paper and lightly pick open the sanded area with your finger. If the embryo inside is what a fleshy! That means its good.
Scarify first crack open seed with nut cracker or sand paper (nut cracker preferable)
Plant after soaking for at least 32 hours
You can choose to cold stratify for at the very least month cold stratifying is not required you can germinate with out it. I cold strat for like 2 days then sow
Sow 3/4-1/2 inch deep, now the eye of the seed prefers to be sown parallel with the soil surface for faster bud pushing. But it will still germinate any way sown
Signs of germination will be seen within 8-60 days of being sown. That is a long window but it will be faster if you use the equipment i listed up above
Once germinated keep on a heat mat or a thermostat with rope light makeshift rig for 2 weeks to promote root growth.
Transplant when able to safely handle or when plant has 2 leaves. (Transplant might be sooner or later depending in the size of container planted)
(SIDE NOTE) grow under Metal Halide bulb or CFL to get blue spectrum of light for better seedling growing.

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vmr423(Zone 8b, SC)

That's great that you're getting such a quick and reliable germination rate from your seeds. I haven't had any dealings with Camellia Forest, but they have a very good reputation.

Are all of the seeds you ordered Camellia sinensis for growing tea plants?

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Yes all of the plants ordered are for growing tea why do you ask?

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I just received a Governor Mouton From Camelia Forest
that is covered in some type of fungal leaf spot. I sent them 4 pics at their request, and they admit that there is fungal disease, but they won't replace the plant. I will never buy from them again. So much for their great reputation.They will ship you a diseased plant @ $60 + $15 shipping, and it's your problem.

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Could it be camellia scab? If not, someone here could probably identify it if you post a picture.

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This is the plant

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It very exciting that your seeds are off to a great start

Camellia Forest Nursery has been A+ in my experience. ive purchased plants from them over the last 15 years or so. Ive had no plant issues and enjoyed , super informed plantspeople and an interesting variety of plants.


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looks like camellia scab to me should be relatively easy to get under control. sorry to hear you had a bad experience with them. Yes it is diseased but is it dead, no not really will it probably come back with vengeance with a little TLC, Of course! I had only ordered seeds from them. There seeds were a great buy and very viable. that's why i rated them up. However, i have not bought any live plants from them and probably never will. I just hate getting live plants in the mail, just a personal preference to grow them my self from seed.

Here is a link that might be useful: TheItalian Garden

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