camellia sinensis fungus/dieback? Help!

JJGestapoNovember 9, 2013

I'm new to growing camellia sinensis. I bough a baby plant a few months ago and decided to container plant it because its too cold where I live to leave it outside all winter. For the summer I let it stay outside, but then the green leaves started getting spots on them. In fall it bloomed, and had plenty of flowers on it.

Then the spots spread to all the leaves and I researched as much as I could on diseases, and decided it had a fungus that it caught from the outside environment. So I sprayed it, changed the top layer of soil, and brought it inside (its too cold for it outside now). It gets sunlight, but is in a cooler room of the house (like 65 ^F in there).

I noticed some of the shoots have dark stems, but I don't know if it is infected, dieing back, or what is happening. What can I do to protect it? What can I do to help it and get rid of the disease, or help boost its immune system? Is there a specific type of fungicide I should use?

Please, any help I would greatly appreciate it. I love my plant and I don't want it to die :( Thank you!

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Hello, JJGestapo. Has it been stressed? Have you cut the camellia's leaves or stems at all since you bought it? What fungicide did you use to treat it? Is the soil kept evenly moist or does it have periods of wet/moistdry? Does water drain off easily? Does the pot have enough drainage holes at the bottom? Where did you get the plant from? Where are you located (in case it makes a difference?

Also, can you post photo of the entire plant and another one of one just one of the leaves so I can see some detail of the spots?

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I bought from plant from a person out of OH. The plant had been stressed, as it went from outdoors to indoors because I live in NY (zone 5a I believe) where it was too cold to live outside. Once it moved indoors, the leaf "blight" continued. I used a general fungicide that was recommended by a local nursery -they admitted they were not very familiar with the plant. The water did drain out, but I fear it may have drained out too quickly sometimes. Around the fall time when I brought it inside, I also was unlucky to have fungus knats infest it, which definitely weakened and stressed my poor plant. It sadly died despite my best efforts to keep it alive :( With it also being indoors, I think it was too dry for it. I do not have any full scale photos offhand, but I will look for some when it was alive to post later.

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