Raised Camellia Bed worked great!

zack_lauNovember 20, 2012

I made small raised camellia beds next to the North wall of the house--on the shortest days of the year they get full sun but otherwise they are in shade. They did great this year--plenty of buds and blooms--even revived some plants that were planted in too much shade last year. We are quite a bit north of where camellias normally grow, so they don't seen to mind the full sun. I'll be expanding the small beds to make on really big bed--perhaps 20 long and 6 feet wide.

I was careful to get only the really cold hardy varieties from Camellia Forest nurseries.

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I might be misreading your post, but winter sun is usually bad for camellias grown up north. Dr. William Ackerman wrote an excellent book called "Growing Camellias in Cold Climates" that describes many methods of protecting camellias from winter damage. From personal experience, heavy snow will flatten young camellias that are unprotected.

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Yes, I mis-wrote that--it should have been.

On the longest days of the year, they get full sun, but otherwise they are in shade. As you move further north, the sun moves lower in the sky, so shadows are quite long, even around noon, during the winter months.

Thanks for the tip about protecting small camellias from heavy snow. I wondered a little about that, but have been lucky so far. We do have a bit of protection--we keep eastern cottontails away from our shubs with hardware cloth--which did get crushed two years ago when we had really heavy snow.

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