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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)April 16, 2013

The pond is pretty barren, since I got rid of the water lilies and planted tiny little white ones from ebay that may take a few years to bloom. But the irises are blooming over on the left.

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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

The euphorbia is looking good, finally. It took a long time to get established here, since it is so dark in winter and hot in summer.

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Sigh....lovely. Keep 'em coming as things progress . TIA

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Beautiful as always, Renee, but there are a couple of mystery blossoms. Brugmansia in the foreground, but what are the dainty little red flowers? Dianthus perhaps? And the orangey red cup-like blooms at the left? They look almost like tulips, but their leaves seem a bit too strappy. Inquiring minds want to know.


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Do you work in the garden every day?

Do you have problems with raccoons or other critters in the pond? (We do, the raccoons really nasty-up the water, not sure what they are doing but it isn't good.)

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Very pretty, hosenemesis. Looks so tranquil.
Quite a water feature you have there. How do you manage to keep the beds and the walkway free of weeds? Admirable.

Pardon my ignorance of Southern California horticulture, but which one is the Euphorbia in the second pic?

Is the large yellow/chartreuse bush on the left in second pic a euonymus?

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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

Thank you for the kind words- I have been working hard to get it nice until the San Fernando Valley Iris Tour on Saturday (then it can all go to seed for the year!).

Kay, the dainty red flowers are impatiens and some sort of annual bedding salvia. I just popped them in for color. The orange flowers are gazanias- the big fancy kind. I just bought four more for that spot- they seem to be able to take the extremes of sun and shade.

jjjb, the big huge shrub on the left is a variegated Duranta. It gets frost damage every year (along with the Brugmansias), but comes back by late April. It has huge thorns, and although it is only supposed to get six to eight feet tall, mine is probably 16 feet tall by now with the support of the fence.
Nothing will grow in that walkway- which is why I pulled out what was left of the grass and put in flagstone. I'm having a tough time getting anything to grow in that sideyard at all- shade plants get burned in the summer and sun plants rot in the winter. The absence of weeds is the only good thing about that spot.

Socks, I do work in the garden most days- the days I am not at work. I can't wait to retire! Ten more years... I know what you mean about raccoons- they get a goldfish occasionally, and really mess up the pond plants. That's one reason the ponds are so bare right now- marginal plants get destroyed.

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Wow, that is GORGEOUS! I just love the pond and the fountain, and that giant it an agave? Amazing!

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Looking good rene,my brug is blooming like crazy now also.Same color as yours,i also have a pink one that doesn't do as well as the yellow,then again I have to fight the darn snails in that area more.

Socks,are you sure it's raccoons getting into your pond?? I ask because that's what we thought was getting into ours as well.I said raccoons,dh said cats,told him cats wouldn't get into the water to get the fish.

So he went to kmart got a cheapie security camera and set it up near the pond,and low and behold we were both surprised when we found out who the critters were~~~~~~~~~~~those ugly blackbirds/crows or whatever they are.Unfreaking believable,who'd a thunk it!!

We have since turned the pond into a succulent garden.

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Wow, gorgeous lush paradise!

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Truly, you have the most beautiful garden I have ever seen, Renee.
It's just unbelievably beautiful!
I'm in awe.

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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

Annie, I live for your praise. Thank you, everyone.

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