Morning Glories help

sunita_fleuristeApril 28, 2007

Hello all,

I put my 3 week old morning glory seedlings outside for a bit of air...for about 3 was about 10c...I ve brought them in now and they ve all started to droop!

What should I do? Will they die??


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That was way too cool for these vines. I'm afraid you will have to expect loses from this episode especially since they were too tender yet.

The nice thing about these plants are that you can easily start new seeds and this time wait until you have steady and really warm temps before putting them out. Over here in zone 5, I prefer to wait till the end of May.

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sammyqc(NE Quebec/zn 4/5a)

Were they in direct sun? If so, then that was probably too much for them. I don't think 10degrees is going to do them in, and especially if it's a sheltered spot, then it would be even warmer. (Sorry to disagree.)

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Thanks for the advice everyone....I think I have to start over with these...they re looking pretty weak right now.

They were in direct sun too....I figured they needed the light ha!

Wow the end of May...good that you mentioned that. I wouldn t have waited that long! I m glad it happened now so that I have time to restart.

Well I ll have to take it as a learning experience...too bad though.


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bonniepunch(USDAz4 AgCanz5a)

It was the direct sun then. You can never put plants that have grown indoors out into direct sun. You have to give them small amounts at first, and slowly increase the amount they get.

Do not toss them - they may perk up and put out a new vine if the old one was damaged. Keep them indoors until you see them either obviously dead or until you see new growth. If they survive, you can put them out during the day in the shade for a few days. Then give them an hour of morning sunlight, and increase the amount they get by an hour a day. Do not leave them out at night until it stays above 7 or 8C, and preferably 10C.

There are actually quite a few different morning glories and some can take cooler temperatures and some cannot. My moonflower seedlings wilt and stop growing if it's less than 10C, but my pink ones are fine as long as it stays above freezing.

Next year, it's best to sow them outdoors in pots or in the ground. They'll sprout when the weather tells them it's fine - when started outdoors, they can be given full sun right away.


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I am guilty of the same thing.Year after year I promise myself never to do it again.And once more I left my beans for 3 hours morning part sun...The leaves burned out, but they surrvived just major set back.I just seem to " want to have it done fast"
They can take major set back but so far I have not lost anything. Now I put a timer and take them out for 1 hour no matter what.I do put them out even at 10C for one hour. I am currently hardening off tomatoes, corn and beans.Tomorrow I will increase to 2 hours.How about full sun mid day? At what point do I introduce this?

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sammyqc(NE Quebec/zn 4/5a)

I usually take between a week to ten days to harden off my plants to full sun. I try to start with late afternoon sun, and gradually start putting them out a little bit earlier every day. Also depending on the night temps, I'll start leaving them out overnight around the same time as they are getting full days. I know a lot of people say you have to start with shade, but I don't have that option, so I do still get some sunburnt leaves, because I check them and think to myself how happy they look, just a bit more won't hurt!!!

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Thanks for all the info. Some of them do seem to be coming back so I m grateful.

I have another question. I ve read that one should not fertilize morning glories...has anyone tried it? And can I use diluted miracle grow?


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A safe way to harden your plants is to use some shade cloth drapped over some hoops (like a children's hula hoop cut in half). Or newspapers draped over bamboo stakes and held down by some heavy object.

I like to fertilize morning glories since these do require a lot of energy to produce flowers. I had mine in pots and so I'd fertilize them whenever I watered the annuals.


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bonniepunch(USDAz4 AgCanz5a)

I fertilize mine too since they're also in pots, but I don't use a high nitrogen fertilizer - I use one for flowering plants. Too much nitrogen and they'll just put out tons of leaves.


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