Will these fruit trees do well in the Inland Empire (So Cal)?

lali(z9, Sunset z18, CA)April 3, 2009


I'd like to plant a few more fruit trees in our yard. So far the only fruit trees we have are citrus (meyer lemon, navel orange and bearss lime). I'd like to add a tangerine/mandarin to the yard, but was wondering what a good choice would be for the inland valley (we live in the Inland Empire in So Cal, near Ontario). I was thinking maybe Satsuma or Clementine?

Also has anyone had any luck growing persimmons or guava in this area? I'm not sure if these trees like the kind of heat we have in the summer.

I thought I'd post this here instead of the Citrus or Fruit & Orchard forum since climates vary drastically in other forums.



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The Sunset Western Garden Book delineates the climate zones of California much better than any other garden zoning system. The "Inland Empire" is at least three distinct zones. The SWGB also does a fantastic job of describing fruit trees and where they grow best among the zones of California. Do you have a copy?

I'm sure some members of this forum will chime in with exceptions to the general recommendations of Sunset, but the SWGB is the best starting point.


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Christine Decker

I live in zone 8b (Temecula wine country) We have almost 40 fuyu persimmons and they do wonderfully, we just recently planted apple, cherry, peach, nectarine, apricot and fig.
They all seem to be doing well. They all have blossoms and we have had quite a few of the peach, nec, apricot last year.
The apple and Cherry are newer. Best of luck!


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jim123(z9 or z10 CA)

I'm sure that either Satsuma or Clementine will do very well in your area. My personal preference would be Satsuma. There are several Satsumas. My preference is Owari Satsuma. I would suggest that you consult Sunset's Western Garden Book for greater insight of what you can grow there. There is a huge assortment of fruit trees that will do well. You do need to pay attention to winter chilling hours and avoid the ones that needs lots of winter chill.

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lali(z9, Sunset z18, CA)

Yes, I definitely do have the Sunset Western Garden Book. In fact, it was recommended to me on this very site and that's where I found out I was in Sunset zone 18. Thanks for the reminder about the book... I haven't looked at it in a while and it didn't even cross my mind to consult it first (shame on me). lol


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I live in Riverside. I've found, over the years, that soil and water quality, in addition to zone, have a lot to do with success of certain fruit trees. I'm blessed to live where I do,near Fairmount Park and the Santa Ana River.....the soil is good and everything thrives. I guess that's why Riverside (not Orange County) was the premier citrus growing region in the early years. I would encourage you to plant an Oro Blanco Grapefruit. It was developed right her at UCR. And, it has no bitterness typically found in grapefruit. That's because it was crossed with a pummelo, the largest citrus fruit. Plus, the blossoms are gigantic, and will perfume your entire yard over a long time. I don't like grapefruit....I LOVE Oro Blanco!

I'd also go with a blood orange. I can't recall at the moment which one I prefer,but one has the most delightful raspberry tinged flavor, and when fully ripe, has totally blood red juice! Gosh I love it! And, it makes the most wonderful Blood Orange Martini!

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