Alfalfa Meal or Pellets - Montreal Area

judith5bmontrealApril 12, 2008

Hi there everyone. I was hoping someone here could help in my search for alfalfa meal or pellets in the Montreal area. My brother has been looking for me in the Laurentians area, since there are a lot of riding stables around where he lives, but so far, no luck. Everything seems to have additives in it, no one seems to carry pure alfalfa meal.

Anyone here from the Montreal area know of a source? My roses and I would be forever grateful for any help you can give us!


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Superstore in Nova Scotia was selling alfalfa pellets (President's Choice, I think) at the garden centre two years ago; unfortunately, they didn't sell it last year. I'm hoping they will have it this year, though.

So, if you have the Superstore (aka Loblaws, I believe, in other provinces), you could try there.

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Hi Dee,
so sorry I haven't returned to check this post. Thank you so much for the suggestions. Loblaw's garden center in my area doesn't carry them this year, but I mentioned to the manager that a lot of people use it for their roses, and it wouldn't be a bad idea to get some in. Hope he goes for it. Anyway, I would be his best customer if he does!
The search continues....

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kanuk(Zone 5 Qc Canada)

I bought a 50lb bag at the only Co-op store in St-Antoine-sur-Richelieu. It is horse feed. It cost $17.61 including tax.
It was May 15/08 and they had two bags in stock. I have the phone number & address if you want. Let me know.
St-Antoine is off Hwy 30 in the direction of Sorel-Tracy.
It is called "Célébrité-Ration Complete pour Chevaux"
I hope this helps you.
PS. I thought a 50lb bag was ridiculous but believe goes fast and it stores well. I use it to fertilize the lawn as well.

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Hi Kanuk! I just checked in again here, and found your response. That sounds great - I would love it if you could give me the phone number and address. Thanks so much.

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kanuk(Zone 5 Qc Canada)

Hi Judith
I sent the information to both of your email addresses.

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