I think I may get my first flower... so if I take a picture

carrie630(z7bNC)November 5, 2005

of the flowers of my young (only two or three years old - and only about three feet tall) camellia - do you think you could tell me what type it is? I was told it sounds like "sasanqua" - in my thread called "Maybe you can help...not sure" - but I would love to know for sure. I may want to transplant it after it flowers (in December/Jan) and if I know exactly what it is, I can decide how much sun/shade it needs. Right now both of them are located in a place in my yard that is not noticeable and I want to move them to enjoy the flowers - when they bloom again next Fall. I am not so sure how long it will take for the buds to open - but they look pinkish/red - I won't be able to tell until they open up. Thanks - Carrie (They were only one dollar (reduced) in Lowe's about two years ago and I never thought they would amount to anything - it's exciting to finally see a bud and the possibility of a gorgeous flower).

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I think the easiest way, but most lilely not a surefire way to tell them apart is the leaf size, but also in general besides the leaves on the sasanquas being much smaller, the flowers in general are smaller. I couldn't give you "general" sizes as that could vary considerably for either type depending on growing conditions I'd suspect!!
More than likely there's a fine point in the differences in flowers as that's often the determining factor in classifying what species a particular plant in a genus belongs. But sometimes it could be in the leaves or some other unexpected thing!!

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The leaves are rather small, very green and the blooms are a very pretty pink. I still would love to take the picture and post it - Carrie

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