Should I stake it? If so, how?

Sharpchick(7b)April 24, 2014

Last May, I bought this interesting aloe at Lowe's - it was in a 3 inch pot and was already 5.5" tall.

I got it home and got to looking and found out it was a. ciliaris (and I think it's a. ciliaris var. tidmarshii, because the teeth go all the way to the base of the leaf).

And that it would grow and grow, rapidly.

It's 15.5 inches tall now (measuring from the gravel to the tip of the topmost leaf). It kind of sways when I rotate it to keep it growing evenly.

I know in the wild this plant uses other plants for support. I'm thinking I probably should stake it - soon - and wonder what you would suggest to use.

I have some 1/4 inch dowels and a roll of velcro stripping that I use on my climbing and rambler roses.


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Crenda SWFL 10A

Wow - your Aloe ciliaris IS growing fast, or maybe mine is slow. Mine is almost 2 years old, but only about a foot tall. We are in different zones, and mine stays outside in full sun all year. And I'll admit that I don't fertilize as I should.

I have not staked mine, but I did transplant is next to a large "boulder" of coral that I have on a raised island out front. Sorry I don't have a picture of it there. I am hoping it will lean and climb the coral as I have no other plants for it to climb on.

Here's mine, still in the pot -

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