Christmas Cactus & Jade - Move outside?

rebel215April 7, 2008

I've read good things about putting jades & Christmas Cactus outside for the summer. I just got the CC this year and the jade last summer (very small). Can someone tell me when and how? It still gets down to the lower 40's here at night. Do I put them out when I leave for work and bring them in at night until it's warmer? How warm should it be before I leave them all night? I can put them on my porch where they will be protected and won't get direct sunlight. When would I move them to more direct sunlight? Sorry for all the questions, guess I need things spelled out.

Thanks for any help and suggestions.

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kenotia(ZONE 8)

Christmas Cactus are hardy down to below freezing if I remember right and Jades should be kept above freezing temperatures, but that's on their off seasons.

CC's grow better at a steady 70-80 degree range with good humidity, and not too much direct sunlight. I'm saying this all off the top of my head, it's been a long time since I've had a CC and there are a lot of resident experts that may tell you different (:

My Jade (an 8 inch tall C. ovata) is fine all day and night outside in spring (50-60 at night, up to 85 during the day) as long as I check on it regularly. I put mine outside for the spring when night temperatures are a steady 50+ and when daytime has a lot of direct sunlight. The more direct sunlight, the prettier these plants get - they develop a beautiful rosy edging to leaves.

Jades enjoy neglect. They like full sun and infrequent watering. I water every 3-4 days in full Texas summer and once a week or more between waterings for spring, but depending on your area's humidity, temperatures and the amount of sunlight they get it'll be somewhat trial and error. Just remember it's easier to overwater a Jade than underwater and you'll be fine!

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I'm pretty much in agreement with kenotia. My thanksgiving cacti sit on the back porch railing under an eave so it only gets a bit of morning sun and then it is in shade from before noon to the rest of the day.

My jade plants get full sun, all day long, no matter how hot it gets or how much it rains... though last summer was so dry I had to water my jades and keep an eye out on them for the first time in years.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

I don't believe Xmas Cacti are hardy to below freezing. They & I both come from the same place in the tropics & it doesn't often get down to freezing there. I'm more likely to believe below freezing will kill it & turn it to mush fast!

You'd be safest not putting them out 'til it's at least 50 degrees.

(I believe it's the Jade that's that hardy & I'd add that that's only when it's not watered.)

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Wow - you guys are quick! Thank you all. I'll wait for 50's.

Thanks again!

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I wait until the last frost date, give or take a week. Then they go out.

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rjj1(Norman OK Zone7)

I think you will like the results you get from them being outside during the growing season. You'll want to acclimate them slowly to direct sun or they will sunburn. A couple hours of morning sun at first is fine After a week or so you can move it to a spot a little more sun if you like.

My jades get a lot of sun, some full sun, and look nice.


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Zone 8, British Columbia

My CC just went outside yesterday for the first time. It is on my deck where it receives morning filtered sun and light shade in the afternoon (no direct sun) It is still quite chilly at night so I bring it in and put it out in the morning. I'll repeat this until the temperature goes up a bit at night. Then, I just leave it out all summer. Good Luck.

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