Hydrangea Merritt s Supreme

sunita_fleuristeMay 20, 2007

Hello all,

Last year we got my mum a potted hydrangea (I think it was for Mother s Day). We didn t plant it out because we thought it was an inside plant....it kinda died (we thought) but we kept it in the basement anyway.

Now I see buds on it! I checked up on the internet and see that it s a perennial and hardy to zone 6...I m at the most 5 and possibly more like 4...

Can I still plant this outside? What can I do to ensure that it will survive the winter??

If anyone has any advice please let me know..



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If you are closer to zone 4 I don't know if you can overwinter it outside. Perhaps someone might have a better advice. However, I would suggest planting it in a large pot or barrel and bringing it indoors in the winter and keeping it cool. In the spring when days become brighter bring it into light and when temperature is above 0 place it outside. Temperatures of 2,3 or 4 bellow zero won't hurt the plant but it should not go into deep freeze before you bring it in. Hydrangeas don't like being too dry. Fertilize with slightly higher middle number. I would suggest fertilizer for rhododendrons.

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Thanks for the reply :)

I will try planting it in a pot...hopefully it will bloom for me.

Thanks again.


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I'm in zone 4, and I didn't dare put mine in the ground. Mine was the beautiful blue type. And it bloom twice for me last year. I brought the pot in my garage and set it in the window to overwinter . And this spring, it started to get leaves. I brought it in the house, and tried to get it to flower for the middle of this month, almost succeded. Got flower buds in it and everything; but I was fooled by the few very warm days and I put it outside, and they got frost bite. No flowers for May. Will try for summer blooms. Hope you have success with yours.

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