Japanese morning ?

diane_v_44(Z6)May 1, 2013

I would like to find some of these
not in seed but already potted
had two last year from somewhere and they where gorgeous all summer long til frost

I am in Barrie Ontario

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Do you mean Morning Glory? If so I think you may be looking for Sunrise Serenade which is available at Veseys or Dams. You may even find it at Home Depot from Johnston seeds. Marg

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if you had them planted in the garden, then they have probably seeded 'everywhere' and will start popping up shortly.....morning glories do take a while to start coming up.

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Hi Marg and Greylady

Silly to not have completed the title re Morning Glorys
I am getting older that is for sure

Just reading Garden web this morning

The Japanese morning glory I am looking for most likely would not be found at Home Depot Is kind of a speciality plant . Some have a variegated leaf even Quite beautiful and different and hardy.
I had two last summer they flowered till hard frost but no seeds from them

Look on line for the subject You will see perhaps some very unique plants

Not the ones at all Grey lady that self seed Are you in quite a mild zone grey lady My morning glorys just the ordinary ones never seem to reseed

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Diane, the first time I did a search I couldn't find anything but now I found that there is a discussion here on GW about Japanese Morning Glories. Just do a search and type in Japanese Morning Glories. Hope you find them.

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You have been a member of garden web a number of years I know
And I have noticed that you of ten go out of your way to help others and provide information

Thank you
They are quite eye catching plants
Rainy old morning here in Barrie Just after eight
I was ot spreading some bagged dirt on front lawn Need to put down some grass seed
But came in as I am to cold from the damp rainy morning.

Got the dirt spread but need to go back out and put down the seed. Hope the birds don't eat it all

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