planting morning glory late in the season?

lexmark_2008May 18, 2008

hello everyone, i live in quebec and i wanted to start planting morning glory seeds but im not sure if its too late in the season and if I would just be wasting my time...

most of the seeds would be planted in poor soil conditions with alot of grass but i read that this wouldn't be much of a problem if i use a bit of fertilizer... is this true?

i'm a complete gardening noob so any help on growing these beatiful vines is always welcome, thank you for reading!

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Not too's been so cold! I have some seedlings just popping up now from the vines I had last year, in all the wrong places, of course.
Don't worry about the fertilizer. If you can plant them with a bit of triple mix or potting soil, they'll do fine. Fertilizing them, in my experience, results in lots of leaves, but not a lot of flowers.

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I agree with Wendy! Avoid fertilizer and also avoid potting soil with the fertilizer mixed in. They really don't enjoy this cold weather anyway. I started mine indoors but it is still too cold to set them out as far as I am concerned. Go for it! You have nothing to lose except the $1.99 worth of seeds maybe.

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kanuk(Zone 5 Qc Canada)

I'm in Quebec also. I planted my seeds on May 14th and on May 20th I had sprouts out on two 'Evening Glory Ipomoea'(Moonflower). I'm still waiting to see any sprouts from Heavenly Blue & Blue Star.
Before I planted the seeds I soaked them in water for 24 hours. Because the Moonflower seeds were the size of peas & easy to handle I nicked their seed coats with nail clippers prior to soaking. That was the first time I've done that & it wasn't as difficult as I had imagined and I think it really helped. They are the first to sprout even though I've read they can be tricky to grow.
I didn't nick the others because they were substantially smaller & I thought soaking would be enough. Maybe I was wrong thinking that since they still show now signs of germination 9 days after planting. I've got my fingers crossed on one hand and the car keys in the other to run to buy more seeds!!
So I would say soak your seeds for 24 hours to soften the seed coats and/or scratch or nick their seeds coats to help them to germinate before you plant 'em.
All the best!

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