Camellias in Philadelphia

ezlivin1November 30, 2007


I have eleven camellias in my Bucks County Garden, slightly north of Phil, PA: Blood of China, Tom Knudson, April Tryst, April Remembered, Crimson Candles, Adolph Auduson, Apple Blossom, Hiryu, Redbird, Pink Seranade, April Dawn.

My favorite is Blood of China: Blooms late, with the Kurume azaleas, on Mother's Day!

All have survived several Winters here. I grow them in part sun, windproof locations. All are doing well.

Blood of China is my oldest, had it for six years, now over five feet tall. Crimson candles is also great, but definitly needs wind protection.

My fall Camellias (Redbird, Hiryu, Pink Serenade) have not been prolific bloomers (gets too cold before they bloom) so I am thinking of building a cool conservatory to extend their season, or trying them indoors. Apple Blossom has been the only exception.

Would like to add Kumasaka, which I have seen over ten feet tall in several gardens in Long Island, NY. Would also like to add Glenn 40, for the same reason.

I am interested in hearing about your experiences with camellias in Phil, NJ, and NY, and your experience with Fall bloomers.



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I have the oleifera hybrids Ashton's Pride and Arctic Snow blooming now in NE Tennessee. My Winter's Beauty won't bloom for a couple more weeks. It's flower display is often cut short by freezes. But it has hardier flower buds than most fall camellias and the buds that survive can open later during subsequent mild spells. I don't grow Elaine Lee or Winter's Waterlily but they are also supposed to have very hardy flower buds. Or you might try some of the earliest of the hardy fall bloomers such as Autumn Spirit or Snow Flurry. I have read that Kumasaka is hardier than Glen 40, but don't have personal experience with either of these.

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I find Crimson Candles windburns away from the house, but most of my others do well without shelter once established. Crimson Candles is near the southeast side of the house.

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Carrie B

I just bought 'Mason Farm' this fall. It's still blooming now, and has been since October. It's in a fairly sheltered location, in the city, so I'm hoping it will be OK. Someone suggested I spray it with an anti-desiccant, which I have yet to do.

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I live in Bucks county also.
I want to grow a camellia, but I have full sun all day long.
Can I grow it in a container to put on the side of my house?
Do you think it will survie the winter not being in the ground?
I grew a rhodedendrum in a container and the bark split.

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