The Camellia 'Guest Star'

sandy808(9Fl)November 27, 2007

Just wondering if this one is worth planting. I don't have much space available that is appropriate for camellias, and can only plant the best of the best.

What is its' growth habit like? Is it a good bloomer, and disease resistant?


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Hello, Sandy. I do not grow this one but, since you live in Florida, consider checking out the Harry P Leu Gardens in Orlando bordering Lake Rowena. With well over 2000 camellias varieties, they may have the shrub and -if they do- you could actually go see it. Luis

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Thanks Luis. I'll check it out. I also have a phone number for a couple in Ocala that have a huge garden filled with camellias, so I am going to give them a call.

I am so glad that you respond to my posts. There doesn't seem to be a lot of activity regarding camellias.


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I have noticed that too. Activity ebbs as we get into mid summer and increases as we closer to Winter. Of course, sometimes nothing much (bloomage-wise) happens to camellias between Spring and August.

A retired aunt of mine used to live in Ocala so I visited there often. Sorry I missed the opportunity to see the garden that those people there have! Have a good time visiting; I hope they have a Guest Star Camellia!


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Thanks Luis. I guess I'll find out what this camellia looks like when the buds finally open up. In the meantime I'll see if Megily nursery can tell me a bit about it, as they are the wholesaler it came from.

I've been really "bad" and going to Bob Wines' camellia nursery here in Ocala. I have purchased several this past week. I just mass planted 17 Shishigashiras in a large island conbtaining 3 good size palm trees. It gets dappled sunlight. I've been planting sasanquas in areas with marginal sunlight for roses, and some japonicas too.

Today I went back and bought Dolores Edwards. Couldn't stop thinking about those beautiful pink blooms.

I wish more landscapers would plant camellias instead of the same boring green shrubs over and over in all the developments.


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I went shopping locally a was disappointed with the selection so far. Lowes had none and a local nursery had none either. And those are placs were I have seen some for sale every year. Oh welllllll..... The only one flowering for the last week here is Kanjiro, which has single pink flowers but all the others have big buds patiently waiting to open. Some look like they are ready to burst so maybe there will be more bloomage in 1-2 weeks.

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