Castor bean roots near in-ground pool

tropicgirl(Fort Worth, TX 7)May 20, 2012

Wow, I haven't been on here for nearly 3 years but I have a question and I know someone here in the Brug forum can help me even though it's not about a brug. I still see some names I recognize.

We have a gunite pool and I want to plant a few castor bean plants to provide a privacy screen. Don't have much room from the fence and the pool and by the time you consider the utility easement I'm left with 5 feet. I would like to plant the castor beans 5 feet from the wall of the pool. The depth the gunite would be approximately 6 ft. down.

In our area of north Texas these plants will be an annual. Knowing that they will be an annual I thought I would be pretty safe growing them however, because of their aggressive growth I thought I would ask someone that may have some experience about how far the roots may go out from the stalk. I don't want the roots to compromise the pool wall. If these plants can get 15 ft tall and 6 ft. wide I figure the drip edge would be around 3 ft from the stalk which would be withing the safe zone. These plants will be growing in clay soil which may or may not hinder the growth rate. Could someone please let me know if these will be safe to grow near the pool. I have 7 seedlings waiting to be put into the ground. TIA

Happy gardening to everyone :)

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My Castor beans grow to around 12 feet tall and only have a root ball 12-15 inches in diameter and maybe 10 inches deep. I am sure you would have no problems with the pool.

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tropicgirl(Fort Worth, TX 7)

Thank you Bill. I tried to find this info on the internet and I did find lots of info about castor beans but not a thing about how large the roots would get. I appreciate the info and can now plant in confidence.

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