Alfalfa pellets, meal or?

yugoslavaMay 2, 2007

I used to buy it in packages in pet shops. I would like to buy larger amount but don't know where to find it.

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Forgot to add I'm in Toronto.

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bonniepunch(USDAz4 AgCanz5a)

I believe many people buy it at agricultural feed stores. I would assume there aren't too many of them in Toronto proper, but outside the city there should be plenty.


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kristiz(Toronto, Zone 6)

I bought some bags of alfalfa pellet fertilizer at The Real Canadian Superstore/Loblaws last fall...maybe they have it again now that their gardens centres are opening up? Worth a look anyway, cause I know they do make it.

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Both Alfalfa pellets and Corn Gluten can be bought at an agricultural feed store as BP states. You'll find them much cheaper than anywhere else there too. Well worth a trip outside the city on a nice Saturday!

One thing to note - Some feed stores only sell by 50 lb lots minimum. In my case, I can purchase the Alfalfa in 10 lb quantities, but the Corn Meal I buy is in the larger 50 pound bags.

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Thank you all for writing. Kristiz mentions Loblaws, a friend who works there in the spring says the selection is poor comparing to other years. I was at The Real Canadian Superstore about a week ago and was disappointed. Loblaws has suffered 61% loss and it shows.

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