Need help identifying this dark pink Camellia

dan8_gw (Northern California Zone 9A)November 25, 2013

It was labeled as "drama girl" but I think that it isn't because after doing a google search, it seems to look very different. This one has a nice and bright white center of what I believe is called stamens. Thanks!

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What makes you feel like it is mislabeled? The color and the semi-double petals look right. The stamens may change color as they age and if it has as many as it appears to have, it may be a bee magnet. The petals should adopt a somewhat ruffled look as the petals age. This one is blooming a tad early for this japonica but, it may have been forced to do that by the wholesaler.

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dan8_gw (Northern California Zone 9A)

Thanks! I just wanted to make sure because many of the pots had no names on it. The name was posted above, so these pots could have easily been mixed up considering they had maybe over 30 types of Camellias.

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or perhaps 'elegans (chandler)', commonly called 'chandleri elegans'.
either one of those large-flowered cultivars would be a nice addition to the garden.

Here is a link that might be useful: camellia japonica 'chandleri elegans'

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I wonder if you might have a 'Drama Girl Dream', described in the Web Camellia Register as a "sport of Drama Girl with petaloid centre"?

'Drama Girl' is described as having yellow stamens, but camellias may sometimes have an atypical flower, so it may be that later flowers on your plant will have the more usual 'Drama Girl' appearance (for reference, the Burncoose Nursery web site has some nice photos of 'DG').

If you continue to get the lighter colored petaloid stamens, I would consider it a 'Drama Girl Dream', and enjoy those lovely flowers. I quite like the look of the flower in your photo- it does have a resemblance to the 'Elegans' flowers, which I also like.

The leaves of your plant- so far as I can tell- look very much like those of 'Drama Girl' in online photos. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any online pix of 'DGD'. Possibly, there's a photo in one of the old ACS yearbooks? The year given for 'DGD' is 1966, so if you're really curious, you could contact the ACS to see if 'DGD' ever appeared in a yearbook, and then request an Interlibrary Loan of that yearbook through your public library.

Here is a link that might be useful: Web Camellia Register

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dan8_gw (Northern California Zone 9A)

Thanks guy! I haven't purchased it yet, but I have a feeling I'll go back for it soon. It actually looks a lot like the "elegans" camellia you guys noted. Good to know, as I'll keep my eye out for one, it looks lovely.

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