Camellia sinensis seedlings

Jonathan29November 23, 2013

So i noticed that 2 or so of my tea sprouts are very bright green, and have a weird leaf shape. Other seedlings have dark leaves and are much more to a point. Which to me seems more normal. Just wondering if you guys or gals knew if its just the individual sprout leaves are very different. And if they will change with the first set of true leaves. Or maybe they are a different variety accidentally shipped with my C. Sinensis seeds.

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Here is the odd colored and shaped seedling.

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And another of the odd shaped seedling

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Camellia sinensis seedlings can be highly variable. They can vary from green to a burgandy color. Sometimes, but not always, the darker colored ones may produce a pink flower. We have seen different leaves on different seedlings. Once they get up 3-4 months old, you should be able to see definite differences if there are any once the true leaves come on.

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Wow, They look great. Where did you get the seeds? I am interested in trying to grow a couple for my tea drinking habit...

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