Pink Perfection or Nuccio's Cameo?

austennutNovember 9, 2012

I love the color and form of Pink Perfection and Nuccio's Gem and want to know which way we should go. Some of the factors I'm considering are:

1) Length of blooming season?

2) Size?

3) Quantity of blooms?

4) Health?

5) Shade tolerance?

6) Drought tolerance?

7) Other factors I can't think of?

I'm new to camellias and would like to get one or two for our yard. They (it) would be planted about 20 feet away from a mature live oak tree. So there is shade, but the branches are quite high and they would get enough light for camellias (according to some yard people who have seen the location).

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I have both Pink Perfection and Debutante . Both are very nice. Sounds like you have a good place. Go for it. Camellias are very easy to grow. They are beautiful, but only bloom for a short time .

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nolefan_2006(FL 9a-ish formerly 8b)

I'm no expert, but I was watching the camellia video from Erinon Nursery on YouTube the other day and he mentioned that most growers aren't growing pink perfection anymore because of healthy/vigor issues. Jerry recommended Nancy ?Lynn? on the video at 20:25.

Hope this helps,

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I grow both Pink Perfection and Nuccio's Cameo. Both are similarly hardy here in 7a, but definitely, Nuccio's Cameo is much slower growing--kind of a dwarfish plant--whereas Pink Perfection grew quite quickly into a large bush. NC has a "fancier" bloom and seems to be a bit more floriferous than PP, although both do perform well here. Debutante was mentioned by leenshirley--I have that one as well and it is currently blooming--it's one of my older bushes which didn't used to bloom in the autumn but rather waited until spring (with some winter damage to the buds). But for the past 4-5 years, more and more blooms have been occurring in Nov/Dec. In any event, it's a beautiful bloom too and that bush is HUGE.

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hementia8(8 MS)

We have two Pink Perfections that are over 40 years old and over 10'tall
They have had no health or growing problems,whereas some of the others occasionaly have white fly problems

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hementia8(8 MS)

I forgot to mention they are blooming now,two months ahead of time

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Love Nuccio's Cameo! I planted it in March 2014 and it's thrived along with several other varieties purchased at Nuccio's Nursery. It's doubled in size and loaded with blooms. This is the first bloom which I picked today.

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