Hello! Better late than never. My Epiphyllum flower pic

meyermike_1micha(5)April 10, 2012

Hello everyone. Look what greeted me today after a long morning of having my wisdom teeth taken out....It didn't flower for on my birthday, but better late than never:-)

This flower is bigger than a CD and the first I ever got to flower for me. I am so excited!


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WOW that's amazing, larger than a CD?! Thanks for sharing. My condolences on the wisdom teeth removal, pain medications are your new friend. ;)


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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Very nice, Mike!

Why didn't you tell me you were having your wisdom teeth out?!
I would have reminded you to wear a red shirt...always wear red to the butcher! haha ;-)
I agree with Planto, keep up on the pain meds...


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia



ALL i can say is..


Hope you are feeling better. I was put under when i had mine out... I Hope that yours came out easy for you. I had to wear the "red shirt" cuz i was at the BUTCHER's!!!

Seriously..i hope you're feeling no pain. Keep up on the meds and dont get behind the pain.

Hugs to you. Feel better my friend!!

Hi to Sissy!!!

Beautiful flower... LOVE IT!!!


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Mike, that is beautiful. Even though you are in pain, but I hope the bloom makes you feel better. Marie

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi Mike,

Congratulations, that bloom, is stunning, superb, almost beyond words! Maybe the Fates knew you'd be needing an EXTRA special treat & so they sent you this gigantic flower to be sure & wish that you felt better.

The recommended salt water rinses may sound dorky & a PITA, but they really do help speed the healing.

Also, may I pls. gently remind you to have some food w/ the pain meds. Folks often forget, depending on the particular meds, one really needs food in there for some protection (ex: Advils suggested to never take on an empty stomach, also Codeine which was my pain med for dental procedures & post knee surgery.

Enjoy your wonderful bloom, thanks for the pix & feel better soon.

(PG) Karen

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ctreeteac(Zone 8b; rain-spewing Oregon)

Oh, hope you feel better! And that bloom! Wow!

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

And a yellow bloom for "Meyer" Mike...couldn't be better! :-)
Mike, the first of my Ponderosa Lemon blooms happened to open today, as well.


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Hey Mike that is fanastic....I love it...and my favorite color.....good growing....linda
and I can't get rid of the e-mail address...but I see yours is still there....

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Beautiful Mike! Thanks for sharing the bloom.
Take care of yourself, hope you feel better soon.

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What an amazingly beautiful flower! The colors are delicious and it has so many different interesting parts. If I were a hummingbird, I'd zoom right over there to see if it had anything in there for me to eat.

Hope your mouth feels better soon!


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Stush2049 Pitts. PA, zone 6

Wow Mike. Do they all have flowers that size or is it just the one you own? That is remarkable. I saw one not in bloom at Wal-Marts with no ID or price. I think now I may either buy it or snitch a piece of it.
I had my wisdom teeth taken out when I was 20. Best thing I ever did. They gave me so much trouble. Headaches, sore jaw, hard to swallow. Some pain for a short while afterwards but worth it.

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Hello and thanks so much everyone! I wish there was this much enthusiasm among the people that can see it for real at my home.

I will try my best with all this pain to address all of you:-)

Stush: I am not sure. I never expected it that big. It is still in flower today! I am glad it is not one of those that flower for one day and then die. Yes, now my heel is killing me along with the mouth because I can't take Ibuprofen and pain killers make me sick. If I can get a piece for you, I will. Please e-mail me to remind me, ok?

Hey Penny: You are so funny. A humming bird would be a great thing to see flying around this flower. I could only wish.

Tami: Thank you and you are welcome. I hope you have been well these days.

Linda! What's up? Hopefully you are warmer than me these days. What a joke with this weather. I never tried to get rid of my e-mail. If I do, I will teach you.

Josh...Yahoo!!! Please let me see those flowers. You know, I totally forgot about getting them out until the day before. Sheesh, if I had remembered ahead of time, I would of canceled for my 3rd time..lol.
Thanks buddy!

Hi Teatree. Thanks so much for your kind words.

Hey Karen: What a nice thought that is. I guess it certainly did the job putting a smile on my face these last few weeks. Thanks for the tips, reminders, and caring thoughts.

Hello Marie! Can't wait to see knew blooms on your desert roses and thanks for your comments:-)

Laura!!! Hello Laura! And the same to you! Hugs right back at ya. Mom says she sends much love to you.
Thanks for stopping by. We shall chat soon. I owe you.

Planto: I don't remember meeting you, but I am glad I did. Thanks for your kind words too.

Again, I hope I remembered everyone and again I really appreciate hanging out with ones whom love the same plants as I. You have all been instrumental in getting me this far with these types of plants.:-)


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I am SOOOO in love with Epis that I only grow a few other houseplants these days. Living in northern Michigan,,,yes, my Epis are indoors, but I hang them outside in the summer on a 'tree' built of a wood pole and wrought iron plant hangers. They are on the north side of the house so NO direct sunlight and I just water them with the hose when I thinkof it !!! In the winter they hang in my suthern exposure patio doors, so as much light as i can possibly give them.
Still waiting for blooms on some of the smaller ones I got on line...but it's worth the wait !!!

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Laura Robichaud

Wow Mike! What an absolutely beautiful bloom! It's so nice to see you in the C&S forum. I haven't seen you here lately! I hope to meet you at the C&S show this fall. Of course, you might just find me hiding behind an orchid in your greenhouse with cuttings of yellow jades in my hand....

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Wooooo-hooooooo!!! Great job, Mike! I'm so happy it finally bloomed for you. That's good because mine was destroyed by the Santa Ana winds and gravity. I just have a few pieces left, smaller than what you started with. I do have a few different colors growing, though; probably won't bloom til next year.
I hope you can read this through all the gauze!

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rosemariero(Z9 SW SUNDiegoCA)

Just a little note...maybe you guys don't realize this post of Mike's is from LAST April? (2012)

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Laura Robichaud

LOL Rosemarie

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Hahaha! I didn't see the date. Last April must have been one of my forum-hiatus months, I never saw this post. I'm glad this popped back up, I have (parts of) the mama. I'm sure Mike's jaw is fine by now, LOL!

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My, where does time go! It will almost be a year since this last flowered. Really, I have not even taken a look at this one yet this year.

I buried it under my other plants where it gets plenty of south sun but at the bottom of the greenhouse where it's much cooler.
I should take a look and see if there is any buds,.

Thanks again Hanzrobo and I am so sorry yours went through that! I hope they do well for you this year:-)

LauraR, that would be so nice..No worries, you just might get spray by the darn skunk that seems to have made it's way in there the other day, although I have not seen him since.lol


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It might be from last year,but I don't remember seeing It then,then again I've got this old brain that can't remember sh**.

It's gorgeous,i've got pinks and whites,but have never been able to find a yellow one anywere.I bought most of mine from our community college.They have a plant sale every april in front of walmart.

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