Help - look for a 'fast' growing camellia

doudou(9a Houston, TX)November 8, 2004

Can anyone suggest a relatively fast growing camellia in Houston area (9a)? I would really love to plant one at north side of my house. I heard camellias were difficult to grow and were slow growers, but hope there might be some out there for beginners.

The plant needs to be in upright form. My color preference goes with white, pink, then red, because my house is a red one. I have two spots available - one receives morning sun and afternoon shade; the other one is just the opposite.

Thanks in advance for your help!


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glantern(z7b GA)

I believe that the Kanjiro camellia is supposed to be relatively fast growing for camellias (in general, camellias are slow growers).

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GAAlan(z7b(on map) 8(imby) Atlanta)

As I was reading your title I was thinking about my Kanjiro too. I planted a one gallon on December 22, 2001 and at the time it was 2'6". I just measured it at 6'6". It would actually be several inches taller than this, but I did some light trimming a month or two ago.

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doudou(9a Houston, TX)

Thanks! I looked at the picture of Kanjiro, it is soooo pretty. I definited will put it on my list.

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Many of the Reticulata hybrids are fast growers. "Linda Carol" (light pink)is real fast grower in my garden. Also, Non-Reticulata hybrids such as "Dolores Edwards" (pink) and "Honeymoon" (creamy white)grow extremly fast. The problem with many of the hybrids is that they don't have great foliage like the Japonicas.

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forrestal(Gulf Coast z8b)

Ditto to the above, and I would simply add 'Daydream' to the list, which is a sasanqua that is strong and fast growing here, which is the same climate as yours. It has large pretty blooms in the fall. And one more solution, if you are looking for only one plant, and you want a japonica, is to just splurge and buy a big one!!!

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