Red Lilly Bug problem

phylli620(z5 NS)May 21, 2006

I live in Nova Scotia, environmental-hypocrite capital of Canada. It's okay to kill plants and animals and their habitats if you're a developer but if you're a peon gardener there is nothing here to control pests, especially this *!#@ beetle. Does anybody know where I can buy in Canada "Bayer Provado Ultimate Bug Killer", and/or "Merit"? Their "magic" ingredient is Imidacloprid. There's another product called "Bioneem", made from oil from the Neem tree that's supposed to be effective also, sometimes appearing under the labels of "Turplcx", "Azatin EC", "Margosan-O", and/or "Align". I'd liie to buy and try that as well. Help!!!! My liliies are slowly being devoured. I check them several times per day and can't keep up with freeing them from these pests.

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Ooooo - I hate those things!!! I made my own Neem spray, with direction from my neighbour. I purchased a 50 ml bottle of Neem oil (I had to special order it from the local health food store), then put 20ml. (or so) into a 1 l. spray bottle with about 1 tsp. palmolive, and filled with water. I have it set to stream, and have been happily blasting away. It seems to be helping, though with all of the rain we have been getting, it's kinda hard to tell.

Good Luck!

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bonniepunch(USDAz4 AgCanz5a)

Neem oil can be purchased from Richter's Herbs (see here). Their price is fairly reasonable, that's about what I pay for a small bottle. I can buy it locally in several sizes. Phone around your local garden centers too - just ask for concentrated neem oil, as it is marketed under many different names. Neem oil is only registered for forestry use in Canada, so that's why it can be hard to find it. It is quite safe for honeybees and does not harm birds or mammals - it's actually used as a food supplement and is also used in soap making.

Please rethink your urge to use Imidacloprid. It does indeed kill lily beetles, but it is also highly toxic to honeybees - that is actually very serious, in that many foods we eat rely on honeybees for pollination, and they are in serious decline due to overuse of pesticides and a mite that hes developed resistance to many other pesticides. Imidacloprid is also toxic to earthworms, and other beneficial insects. Some species of birds are severly affected, and it causes eggshell thinning in many species. In lab studies it has caused miscarriage and poor health in rabbit babies - that doesn't necessarily mean it will in humans, but would you want to take that risk?


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I have been battling this rotten beetle for the last two years in Calgary AB. Last year I tried a vegetable oil/dish soap (or baby shampoo) plus a splash of Listerine antiseptic mouth wash recipe and it kills the red lily beetles and larvae dead. I make enough of this 'spray' to soak a cloth in so I can wipe the undersides of the leaves to remove any eggs at the same time. Still have to check on them daily and always have my 'spray' with me just in case.

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the old red lily bug problem
Catboss I do the same, about, as you
Although I don't spray anything or what not
I just get out there daily and keep on top, well on bottom as well of the leaves of the lilies. Squishing.
As well they where a little on my Toad Lily plants.
Seem to be doing okay again this year Vigilance is needed
I did find about four of those black gooey egg things under the leaves but squished them as well that was just the other day

Am feeling okay about them, managing to control the lily bug I mean
I did buy a couple more lilies last year but must not do that again this year.
Safety is in not having to many lily plants in the garden Such a shame it is as there is really nothing nicer than lilies and they where so carefree

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The black gooey thing is actually the larvae of the red lily beetle..the eggs are red and usually in a line about half inch long..When I notice a red bug,I squish them,then take my hand turned thumb down ,place it at the bottom of the plant and run it towards the top letting the leaves slip through my hand...checking for red spots under the leaves and squishing them if i find any..
Seems to be about the only thing that works for me and I haven't had any problems for several years...Get them early as they say..
cheers and good luck..

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There is another way to rid this pesky critter....turns out that lavender planted near your pretty lilies gets rid of the red lily bug. Lavender oil can be purchased almost everywhere, just a few drops in your spray bottle with the rest water can help too!

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Elizabeth67, does this really work? I just noticed that my lilies are badly infected. But I won't have time to chase all the bugs because I'm leaving in a few days and won't be back for months. My husband has no interest or knowledge about gardens to he won't take care of it while I'm gone. I need a quick solution that will last at least until next spring.

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dianasan(z5a Mtl)

My lavender and lilies are planted less than a foot apart and I've been having lily beetles for years. So in my experience, it doesn't work.

That said, my lilies are blooming and they are so gorgeous, with hardly any holes in the leaves. I noticed a real decline in the number of lily beetles this year. Maybe this is the beginning of the end for these nasty bugs.

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I got rid of my oriental lilies 2 years ago (which they seemed to like the best). Since then I've been strict about checking all of the other lilies several times daily and squishing all eggs, larvae and beetles. Luckily my 4 yr old loves to check with me but of course I have to do all the squishing. Noticed a big decline in their numbers this year. I'm hoping I can rid them all without the chemicals :)

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I am in Ontario Canada and for the first time I found this nasty little bug in my garden. Ii find it strange that it just showed up as I have had my lillies for about 3 years and never seen this bug before. It is quite discerning to see so many suffering with this problem. I too have lavendar in my garden, and am now concerned with the otherr plants surrounding the lillies. Does anyone know if they attack other plants?

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sharont(z5 can)

They will decimate Fritillaria imperialis also if you let them.

Seems this year there are fewer red lily beetles here than in past three years. Whether it is due to the long winter and deep snow cover OR is due to squashing every beetle I found for the last three years. Frequent rounds checking every lily for weeks, I think, has decreased their numbers. I also looked under the leaves for eggs and of course got rid of the black larvae. So far this year I've only found four beetles! I'm looking forward to beautiful lily plants and flowers this year!

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In my garden, I started removing my lilies because of these bugs. I'm already seeing a quite a number of them infesting the lillies I've missed out. Anyway, the lillies I had put in are ordinary types not necessitating great measures to maintain. better that I take them out completely.

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Red Lily Beetle is a non-native beetle that is still expanding its range. Typically, the population density of an insect expanding its range is very high on the expanding front. After the front has passed (3-5 years), numbers reduce to more manageable levels b/c of less host plants available as well as other factors.

So, if you haven't seen a Lily Beetle, it hasn't arrived in your area yet. For those suffering with very high Lily Beetle numbers, it does get better but you might consider scaling back your true Lilies (Lilium) and Fritillaria for a while.

If anyone is looking for a Lily that is apparently completely unappetizing to the Red Lily Beetle (never ever seen a beetle near it), try Formosan Lily (Liliium formosanum) or the dwarf Formosan Lily (var. pricei). Great Lily but you'll have to grow it from seed. Not a big deal, it can flower 1st year from seed but usually 2nd or 3rd year.

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I believe I have thwarted those bugs. I pick off every beetle and squish them, and the eggs. I will have turk's cap first time in three years again and also my lollipop lilies!! Nasty little bugs. I don't like to spray pesticides of any kind, but do use safe soap and also deer/rabbit repellants...both.

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