William Lanier Hunt Camellia

nikkie_in_torontoDecember 30, 2012

I'm new to camellias, being from the North and now moving to Charleston, so please forgive me, but I need some advice.. I'm looking for a dark-medium pink fall bloomer that will be used to cover some 4ft lattice work on the foundation of the house. I wanted to use shishigashira, but neither my landscaper nor myself can seem to find anything that is taller than 15inches. I was looking into William Lanier Hunt in that I heard it was larger growing than Shishigashira but not as tall as Kanjiro. Does anyone have any first hand knowledge of the plant? Is the blossom anything like Shishigashira? Its early blooming, correct? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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If you are looking for a camellia that is 4ft tall when sold, you may have to expand your search. I found some like that once, at a HD Subsidiary that they have since shut down. That means you will need to special order locally or by mail (liek HD had to do). The price was high; it "reflected the 3-4' height" because camellias are slow growers.

Shishi-gashira should get 4ft tall in about 10 years or less generally speaking. Last week, I saw camellias already in an espalier at a local nursery but they were not too tall either. Shishi-gashira and Kanjiro are more common and easier to find/order than WLH so consider that in your quest. Call mail-order sources to see if they have tall camellias:


Ironically, most camellias can outlive our great grand children's children (given proper care) and, because they are show growers, attain heights much way higher than 4'.

Here are some pictures of WLH:



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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

Here are the photos from the URLs that Luis posted:

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Thank you all.. I dont necessarily need something that is going to be 4 feet or greater immediately, rather something that will attain some height and width somewhat quickly. I really do like the color on this shishigashire, but cant find them for some reason in anything larger than a 3 gallon. I have found some william lanier hunts that are around 3' by 3' and would like to utilize them, but was not sure what to do.. Thank you all for the info and pic. would there be another fall bloomer that may look nice paired with william hunt?

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I would think that a white may pair nicely with those colors but not sure which as all my whites have been japonicas. You could check out Setsugeka and Mine-No-Yuki.

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