Favorite Reticulatas and in need of suggestions...

nikkie_in_torontoDecember 12, 2013

I wanted to see if anyone had any favorites and if anyone could help me make up my mind on a few others.. I recently purchased Ruta Hagmann and two Frank Houser Variegated after seeing them in bloom in Charleston. I need something (a partner) for Ruta Hagmann. Likewise, I need something that pairs well with the two Frank Houser var I purchased. I'd rather not have the regular Frank Houser. Any suggestions or pics would be appreciative. Its so difficult to get a grasp on the actual color by viewing on line so I wanted to know if any of you had first hand info. Thank you all! N

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I know very little about retics, but I do think 'Ruta H' and 'FHV' have impressive flowers.

If you're in Charleston, you might want to check out the local camellia society, and maybe post your question to their Facebook page (if you're on FB).

Also, if you're interested, Magnolia Gardens is doing a BOGO on admissions through the end of the year if you bring a food donation for the Lowcountry Food Bank... Not sure how many flowers will be blooming yet, but definitely some will...

Here is a link that might be useful: Coastal Carolina Camellia Society web site

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The only reticulata that I would suggest is white retic from Nuccio's. There are more I am sure but is the one whose name I tend to remember. White with pinkish edges. You could also try Nuccio's Gem too (that one ia japonica though).

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Here is a link to a list of retics that Magnolia Gardens has in its collection. If you click on the names that are underlined, you get photos...

Here is a link that might be useful: Reticulata Camellias at Magnolia Gardens

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I liked the Miles Beach and Valley Knudsen (for stand alone use, not to pair them with either Ruta or Frank). The ruffled look and the dark red were very nice. Some of the others had photos that loook as if the bloom had already been sitting there for too long. Maybe a newer photo would have helped me select a few more.

Which ones look promising to you, Nikkie? Which ones would try to pair with Ruta or Frank variegated?

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Thank you all so much and especially for the link. I just adore Valentines Day and Valentines Day Variegated. They are just exquisite blossom. I'm not sure how they would pair with the Frank Houser but I do love those two. The one I was interested in and didn't see on the list is Miss Tulare. I've heard great things about the color and blossom size/form. Its just so difficult when there are so many beautiful varieties.

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You can see a picture of Ms Tulare in the link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Camellia Ms. Tulare

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Both are reti hybrid, not quite cold hardy. Cold freeze can cause black center in the flower bud, causing dropping. You should have a green house to grow camellia in Toronto?

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I believe that she's growing the camellias in Charleston, SC, where the climate's a bit more suitable.

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