wanted old camellia

ton2(Holland)December 16, 2007

Hallo Camelliafriends all over the world.

I am searching cuttings, rooted cuttings or little plants of the following Camellia's:

Camellia reticulata Aztec

Camellia japonica Edelweiss

Camellia japonica Dick Hardison

Camellia japonica Elisabeth Acree

Camellia japonica Elisabeth Ann

Camellia hybrid Julie

Camellia reticulata Trophy

Camellia Grape Soda

Camellia japonica Rose Dawn

Camellia Andiniana

Camellia Eugenia Parlatore

perhaps you can help me. Or you know other people or nurseries who have these Camellia's.

I hope you can help me, please??

warmest regards

Ton Wijnen


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Hi Tom, I, too, am looking for the older camellias. I do have access for some of the ones you are looking for. July is actually the best time here in Louisiana to cut scions. I will keep up with the notes posted here and be in further contact.

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I have just made some cuttings of my great grandmothers camellia bushes. They have been at her house for over fifty years,(they were cuttings from her mothers camellia bushes.) They are pink,red,and white flowers from different bushes. I do not know the "type" but as I said they are very old. I am not sure how to get them to root or where to plant them in my yard....Any advice?

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