Camellia Scion Exchange

cactusrequiemDecember 8, 2011

Hello all,

I am trying to get a feel to see if there would be anybody that would want to have a "named" scion exchange come February or March?

Anybody that would like to participate would list what they have and what they are looking for.

If there is enough interest, I will post again on the plant exchange forum then. I will also let you know on this forum that it is up.



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This is great. I am looking for pre-1900 US introductions for planting at the LSU Burden Center and have many that I have not located. I will post those I am still looking for later. Thanks

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I have over 1000 varieties of camellias. Willing to swap scions.

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Thank You both for responding! I was beginning to think there was no interest what so ever.
Florence, I am not sure what you are looking for yet, but I have C. japonica 'Horkan' that is a pre-1900 also, I have OrandoKo.
Jim, I am SURE you have a bunch I am looking for, with over 1000 varieties, I am not sure I will have anything you are looking for though. We will see.

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I understand what "Scion Exchange" Means.
But for those of us who would like to be involved, but have little or no scion.
Could we buy scion After all the exchanges have been made?
This would be second to all scion exchanges.
I have no Camellia, but would like to start a collection.

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I understand what you are asking.
Many Camellias are very hard to root and if you have no Camellias, what would you do with the scions?
Grafting on to existing plants is the best use for the scions.
PLEASE do not take this as me being rude. I would love to help you get a collection started.
Anybody here have any ideas?
Maybe a variety that is very easy to root?

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Joli, cactusrequiem--regarding easy to root varieties--Kanjiro (sasanqua) is an extremely easy rooting variety, so easy in fact, that I read an article wherein cuttings from Kanjiro were top grafted with reticulata varieties while simultaneously being stuck (i.e. the Kanjiro cutting was simultaneously being rooted). I haven't tried the method myself, but I can confirm that Kanjiro is about as easy a camellia to root as any that I've done--have generally found sasanquas as a group to be relatively easy. Several japonicas also are very easy, including Professor Sargeant, Pink Perfection, the Elegans family and the Ackerman varieties. Hope there's something in there that helps you.

camellia_jim--I'd love to obtain some scions or find a plant of Yamato Nishiki (Higo)--if you know a source or grow it yourself.


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Thank You Ozzysboy, that is some good information.
I am thinking that sometime in mid February would be a good time to get this thing started.
If you would create a list of what you are looking for, maybe we can get you some.
If you see a swap that you are interested in, please contact the person through PM and work out the deal.
I will start, this is what I am looking for:
Fircone Variegated
Edna Bass
Holly Bright
Pirate's Gold
Ruby Mathews
That is just a start, I will probably add more as the show season goes on.

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Paul411(Zone 8)

I am new to the GardenWeb, but I have been growing camellias for about 20 years. I love to graft and I am always looking for scions. I would really like to participate in the camellia scion exchange. I am looking for the following scions:
Ville de Nantes
Night Rider
Firecone Varigated
Frank Houser Varigated
Blood of China
Charlie Bettes

I have the following scions for trade:
Annabelle Fetterman (Ret)
Eleanor Greenway
Eleanor Greenway (solid pink sport)
Katherine Maryott
Amy Maryott (nice cold hardy)
Taylor's Perfection
Grand Slam
Firebrand Varigated
Dixie Knight
Don Mac

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Paul411 you have a Private Message.

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I have been watching and reading this post for a while. My question is, when do scions need to be taken? From what part of plant to do you want them cut from? How long do you want the cutting to be? How do they need to be prepared for shipping? Would someone like to answer these questions for all of us. I have about 25 assorted japonica and sasanquas I wouldn't mind sharing. But am clueless on how to proceed. Jim I have Blood of China.

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Excellent questions Jamesmaloy!
Let me see if I can answer them.
The scion should be taken of mature, current season's growth from healthy plants one to three inches long with one or more growth or vegetative buds. It will generally have three or more leaves.
The best season to take the scions is late Winter to early Spring just before new growth begins. So basically now.
There are a number of ways to prepare them for shipping.
You do not want them to dry out. Personally, I wrap the cut ends with a damp paper towel and put them in a ziploc sandwhich bag. Others just put them in the bag and sprinkle a little water on them.
Then put them in a box or even a padded envelope if you only have a few.
Hope that helps!

I should also mention that, I do have the following available:
Taylors Perfection
Nina Avery
Nuccios Gem
Kramers Supreme
Mine no Yuki

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If there is something you are looking for, let me know as I have a lot of varieties, I am looking for the following for a friend in Belgium, if you have any, let me know please:
Alba Speciosa
Archduchesse Marie
Bicolor de la Reine
Comte Bobrinsky
Comtesse de Nieuport
Grand Duc Constantin
King Rosea
Leda Alba (Lady Alba)
Leopold I
Maculata Perfecta
Princesse Sophie
Reine des Pays-bas
Rising Sun by mourant
Willmetra Thank you

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Wow Florence!
That is going to be a tough list to fill.
I had to look all of them up, I certainly don't have them.
Almost every one of them is considered an antique.
Some sound really cool.
Let me ask you this, is it difficult to send them to Belgium? What kind of restrictions are there? If any?
I wish you luck in finding them for your friend.

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Yes Darren, they are all antique. They are Belgian introductions that can no longer be located there. Marc is doing the same thing that I am doing in the US, trying to locate the early introductions. I'm working on the pre-1900 introductions in the US and have quite a few to go.

I don't think there are restrictions. I will try to find out.

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Darren thanks for answering my questions. I really appreciate you doing that. At this time I don't have grafting stock to graft myself but I would be willing to send scions to others.
I have
Professor Charles sargeant
Blue Danube
Blood of China
Kramers supreme
These I would consider old enough plants that I could easily find scions from, I have others but they are stil quite small.
I do have some seed of Northern lights sasanqua that I hope to sprout this spring maybe they will make grafting stock for the future.
Thanks James in Florida

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Hey James,
Your welcome.
Please send me an e-mail to
I want to see if we can work out me getting a couple of scions from you.

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Hi James in Florida,
Please send me an email at
I am interested in getting a few scions from you.

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Darren, I can send you Edna Bass and Holly Bright scions, if still interested. I need your address. Thanks

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Hello all,
This exchange was a great success!
I hope everybody was happy with what they exchanged?
I know I am!!
With that being said, does anybody want to try something like this again in June/July to root cuttings?
I will send out a post around that time, maybe this will be a good time to get some different varieties that you can't find.
Thank You again!
I look forward to working with you all again!

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can someone send me some camellia :D

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Darren, did you receive the scions from me?

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Hey Florence,
Guess my message got lost in cyber space.
I did receive them, Thank You!

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