Frost in Ottawa Area

mitanoff(Z4b Ontario)May 7, 2009

Hello All:

It goes without saying that the weather is unpredictable and nothing is 100% certain.

However . .

With the relatively mild weather we've been having, I was wondering what those of you in the Ottawa area was thinking about frost.

Are any of you thinking of planting out early?

Waiting for Victoria day?

I myself am leaning towards taking a chance and planting some of my perennials this weekend. I figure I can throw a blanket over them if there is a risk of frost. I have ordered a 'Whack' of plants that have started arriving in the mail and I am out of room to pot up plants.

What are your thoughts?

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willow_2007(5b & 4a)

I have planted several plants and following the weather forecast closely, so far so good :)

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hi there...i live just north of montreal and am looking forward to the growing season....i have planted a couple of plants already.....SUNDAY'S the day to watch...
other then that,i'm not to worried....but like we all know...mother nature can play tricks....good luck

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cookie8(zone 5 ON)

Two weeks ago I did my cold seeds - arugula, spinach, carrots, beets, lettuce (leaf and romaine). I put out my tomatoes which were so cheap which I plan to cover. I am playing with fire here (or frost). I think I will cover my tomatoes tonight. I didn't plant my green peppers yet. BTW, Superstore in Ottawa has six veg plants for $1.00. I got cabbage (purple and savoy), brussel sprouts, gr. peppers, tomatoes(4) for under $10. I plan on starting my pumpkins, cucumbers, squash in two weeks. I know I will cave and do it next weekend though.

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mitanoff(Z4b Ontario)

So. . .I held off only because I was so busy. On Friday we had hail in my area. HAIL! Large, peanut sized hail. Thank goodness my tender maters were not out yet. Whew! I had some perennials outside, still in their pots and one of my large Columbine's got broken, but that was the only damage. Sneaky, sneaky mother nature.

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