Nuccio's Bella Rossa

oktoberskyDecember 10, 2011

My Bella Rossa is I expected the yuletide to be blooming but not Bella Rossa. Nice surprise though. :)

Anyone know how long the blooming period is for Bella Rossa?

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You can get blooms between 2, 3 maybe even 4 weeks long depending on the variety AND on the weather. Since it is blooming at an unusual time, expect an unusual blooming time.

I once had another variety that bloomed in late December (its normal time) but then the weather turned cold and it stopped blooming. The remaining unoppened blooms finally opened in early March.

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Well, it is still blooming. I've never seen the full blooms in person before until now. They are flatish and very wide. Very pretty and tons of buds on it.

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Enjoy. Post some pictures here if you have a digital camera and can load them into or a similar service.

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Here are some pics...

The plant is only about 3 feet high and it is covered in buds and blooms. We are very pleasantly surprised.

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Wow! Very nice pictures. Looks like the shrub is loaded! Enjoy! I took a peak around my shrubbery and saw a few buds. The least ever but after the exceptionla drought we had this year and continue to have, I am not surprised but happy they made it. No open blooms so far here.

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It is loaded. We have two others in different spots in the yard that are not blooming. One has lots of medium buds and the other a lot of very small buds. I think it may have something to do with how much water they got over the summer. This one in the pictures got a lot more water than the other two. It will be interesting to see when the other two decide to bloom.
I'm glad yours made it through the summer! :)

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This is a good time to have anything blooming. My roses quit blooming probably 2 weeks before Dec 25th or so. Still have some rinky dinky blooms from two miniature roses and the mums but the mums' blooms do not look as vibrant as they originally did. I may have to take a walk to see what is in bloom. Loropetalums sometimes blooms here on & off during the winter months. Who knows? Maybe one or two weeds might be blooming too. Hee hee hee! The camellias sometimes bloom in December but most of the time, they bloom in January.

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They are beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I don't have anything that full of blooms other than 'Lady Clare' and 'Mathotiana' in Louisiana.

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Mine's small now but I can't wait for it to grow larger. Whenever I visit Nuccios I thank them for all the hard work they do to bring us these treasures. It's wonderful that you still see them working with the plants and talking to customers. They don't pass it off to other hired workers to tell you about the fruits of their labor. And these guys are working hard almost every day.

I remember one time I wandered into the big local camellia show too early and didn't know it wasn't open yet. Tom Nuccio was setting up an incredible display of blossoms on a table. I was wandering around listening to a group picking apart the flowers and being very critical. I thought why are they so mean? These are all incredible. When they saw me walking about they threw me out so they could finish judging the show. I'll never forget it. As I went out I told Tom that he put all the rest to shame and he just smiled in a nice way- not being prideful at all even though his flowers were the best of all. Thank you everyone at Nuccios for your lifelong dedication and for being so nice every time I ask a bonehead question at your nursery.

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This thing is still blooming..and now the other two we have are blooming as well. Amazing plant.

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mistascott(7A VA)

Just got this one as a gift. Very impressed with what you are saying about it. Thanks for sharing!

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