Sambuca shrub leaves wilting

beciferMay 26, 2014

Hi, We moved into our house 2 years ago and this gorgeous Sambuca shrub was huge and in great shape. It has obviously been here for a very long time and shaped into a tree.

This winter was harsh, harsh, harsh and I'm not sure if it has hurt the shrub. There is nothing happening at the top and the leaves that have come around the middle are all wilting. I have researched online and everyone says that wilting leaves means cane borers, but I have cut off numerous stems and there are no holes in any of them.

Does anyone have any ideas why the leaves may be wilting and why the top has no leaves at all?

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Oh my... Usually the leaves would have fallen off in the fall. Are these new leaves which suddenly wilted?. CUT OFF THAT BRANCH - it probably is infected with a fungus.

I too am having trouble with my plant. In my case, it hasn't even leafed out yet. But when I scrapped the bark, i can see it's showing a vibrant green and so I'm still hopeful it has survived.Then again number of other plants that should have leafed out by now in my zone, hasn't come up yet so I'm thinking things are simply delayed. It's a wait and see.

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Hi Ianna, yes they were new leaves. For some reason only leaves came out in the middle of the plant and nothing at the top. Then the new leaves wilted suddenly. I have cut off that branch and am waiting anxiously to see if anything else wilts. Crossing fingers.

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My plant is now showing leaves on one branch and yet not the others. very puzzling because those other branches are still quite green beneath the bark - hence not dead..

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