VIII camellia sasanqua show boiro 2011/12/11-12

okintosDecember 13, 2011

Hello. I show some pictures of the Exhibition of Camellia sasanqua and other species of camellia with bloom in the early season. Was held during the 10th and December 11th. The past weekend.


Daniel D.F. oKintos

Here is a link that might be useful: Camellia Show Boiro 2011-12-10/11

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Great pictures but there are too many must-have camellias in there. I stopped at something like eight! Oh wow. And oh gee. Sigh. With the extreme drought that we are having, I am going to have to delay purchasing all kinds of plant species until La Nin~a goes away. Wish I could just drive someplace and bring them all back.

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Hello. Boiro Exhibition In December thereof, were forty fans who showed their camellia flowers. Not all groups are Boiro. The vast majority are people from different parts of Galicia. There were also some fans of Portugal and Asturias. The love of the Camellias is very old and important in Galicia. Here, the distances are not very long. The climate is very pleasant throughout the year, without extremes. Neither cold nor heat. Although we are practically off the coast of Connecticut (USA). Galicia and Connecticut, are opposite in the Atlantic Ocean. But in the Costa de Galicia never snows, and only one day of winter can freeze. The Gulf Stream keeps us warm enough, so in winter we can have the wonderful varieties of camellia. Rainwater and irrigation is very important in camellias. The rain is good for camellias. The dry seasons are bad and forces us to water every day. I hope your camellias survive. Good luck. Greetings.

Here is a link that might be useful: Camellia's Quintans. I live here ( O Grove)

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That sounds just fine for camellias, hydrangeas, azaleas and rhododendrons! Our climate is more extreme so watering camellias is a must. I learned the hard way to pay attention to that even during winter:

I had to stop the automatic sprinkler once because of cold freezing temperatures but forgot to restart it. Many weeks later, I saw one camellia's leaves browning and noticed the dry soil so I reactivated the automatic sprinkler.

It is a little bit of an inconvenience to have to keep doing that on-off business based on the temperatures during winter. I may have to inquire if commercial sprinkler vendors can add some equipment to existing units that turns the sprinkler 'off' and back 'on' based on outside temperatures. But if it is expensive, I may have to wait until it breaks down and has to be replaced.

Our winters are rather mild too. We may have a total of one inch of snow in all of winter but ice & sleet are more common. Jan-Feb are the coldest months and Feb brings all kinds of weird precipitation. It seems to be the time when spring weather is about to arrive.... but winter refuses to leave so spring & winter "fight it out" and finally winter gives up by the end of February or early March.

We are used to somewhat stable but cold temperatures during the winter months. But I have noticed that once temperatures get above the averages, say in the 70s then that is a harbinger of cold temperatures soon or in a few more days. Your Friday may start in the upper 70s (F) and then become snowy and bitter cold by 5pm. This up and down is not good for most plants, including camellias, and especially those camellias that bloom in Jan-Feb as it can make them bloom early, stop blooming when the cold temperatures arrive and continue blooming a month or two afterwards. Or worse, it could flat out kill all the blooms although that rarely happens. I had one that bloomed early in Jan, stopped blooming and resumed in March. Oh well.

The dry season in summer is the problem and it requires monitoring the shrubs a lot. Especially last summer... the worst in 50 years or more. The drought continues and is expected to last one more full season although we have been blessed by weekly rains since September... and they continue. Water levels at lakes were we get the water from have not fully recovered yet though.

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