Freesia in zone 10

baci(z10Ca)April 30, 2006

I have some freesia that just finished blooming, & I am letting a few go to seed. Do I need to take the bulbs out & dry them? If so, when should they be planted?

Last year I kept freesia in the pot. They stayed evergreen, although somewhat burned, but did not come back as well this year.

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You can leave your freesia in the ground, no need to dig them up. If they didn't come back as well it might be because they got too crowded in the pot - they multiply fast and you can dig and divide them.

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jkom51(Z9 CA/Sunset 17)

Freesias don't need winter chill so they're perfect for our climate, and do well in the ground as long as drainage is good. However, you need to feed them and in pots, feed them very well. Potting soil has little nutrient value and as you water the pot, quickly over time the plant food you add simply washes out. Like all bulbs they really appreciate bone meal or bulb food before, during and just after bloom.

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BecR(zone 9 CA 19)

Good advice here. One thing though, once freesias go dormant (over the summer here in hot inland SCal), you should let them dry out---they need/want no water over the summer months. I gradually resume watering mine in the late winter/spring.


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After looking at these posts & doing some reading, & I may store mine rather than keep it in a pot. It looks like ideally dry corms or pots should be stored at 77-86°F, and my temps are much higher. It sounds like some of you have been growing them while storing at higher temps, however.
My summer watering probably prevented re-establishing of my last freesias.
Thanks for all your input. It helped me from making the same mistake again.

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I plant freesia in hidden spots because they are so floppy and I want them for cut flowers only. Once they start turning brown I cut them to the ground and they return faithfully every year. I leave little markers on the ground so that I don't dig them up accidentally. I stack the potted ones behind the garage and put them out once they start to show signs of growth. I never dig any up. I only plant new ones. My wife thinks I have a corm dependency, but loves the cut flowers she's been getting the past 2 months.

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My freesia started growing leaves in September. Can they be divided and now and replanted?


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If you keep the roots cool and moist while you're moving them around, they'll probably be fine. These are not bulbs known for sulking for a long time after mistreatment, nor are they terribly easy to kill (short of trying to grow them unprotected in a cold climate).


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