granite grit for gritty mix

Hrose(6 A)May 10, 2013

where can I buy granite grit in Toronto area?


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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

Do you have a farm/feed store near by, this is where I get mine, I use turkey grit.

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there are a lot of soiless mixtures nowadays

Tell me how you are going t o use this product

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rock yards.. there are many throughout the province... like Beaver Valley stone in Thornhill.

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I get Granite grit (Vancouver Island) here from Farm and Feed stores. I use the #2 size.
I buy Turface from a dealer that sells fertilizers and products for playing field care and maintenance. It is used to improve drainage on ball fields.
Nice product and a little lighter weight than granite grit.

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I just buy Ultra Absorb from Princess Auto and Repti Bark from Pet Smart and mix them together. I also add Vermiculite to the mix.

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that was good informaiton for me
In FLorida at one of the garden groups I attended this winter there was a gentleman from Fairchild Gardens in Miami He grows his Brugmansia, which are one ofmy favourites, in containers in a mix of this soil less stuff
THey grow just ever so huge and lots of bloom
I have been looking for similar materials here in Ontario. Well have not done any serious looking since getting home from Florida. But am going to look at the material at Princes Auto and the repti bark you mention. See if it looks at all comparable
Turface I know or a similar product is one that the fellow in FLorida did mention he uses.

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