How many cacti are in your collection?

Microthrix(9)April 27, 2012

I always dont know if i have a big collection or not and i want to compare it to the size of others ... im 13 years old and am CRAZY about cacti i . spend about 30 hours of week caring for and admiring them (while still getting good grades in school :P) and in the span of about 4 years i have obtained about 650 (just counted right now) most of them are still smallish but they will grow :) ... so how big is your collection?

Zechariah :)

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

Are you doing any planned cross breeding. That is a large collection. Congratulations. I only have about 150 C&S, but then cactus is not my only interest. I keep a vegetable, a wildflower garden and I am restoring 17 acres of wild land from its overgrazed and cedar choked state.

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I'm not a fan of spikes, needles, or anything that can poke me. But I did receive a small cactus as a gift about 30 years ago. Last year I found it had a baby growing near it, and this year I found another baby. So I now have three cacti.

Where do you live? Can you post a photo of your collection?


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I have a little vegetable garden with tomatoes and what not ... none of my cacti really bloomed last year but this year they are all in full bloom so im gonna try cross pollination this year ... i live in southern california ... and right now its in the 80's to 90's and its not very fun to be outside ... ill go take some pics right now :)

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Wow, impressive numbers guys! I agree, picture please! I only have ten, but rest assured I'm working on that low number pretty hard right now.

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Here they are but to much to post on here o_o need to see them all to get the full essence of it ...

Here is a link that might be useful: link to photobucket cactusness

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