Where to find heirloom tomato seedlings in GTA?

raptorfan(z5 Ont, Cda)May 24, 2011

HELP! all my seedlings died and i want to purchase some asap. I have gotten from Humber & Terra in the past but they really don't have much selection. I enviously browse Viki's Vegetable website but their location is too far. Can anyone tell me any place that has a decent selection? Especially want a rainbow...those were so yummy! and of course purple. Or if anyone here in the Brampton area has any for sale I'd appreciate it!


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I can't vouch for anywhere else but there's a place in Kensington Market, a corner store on Augusta street, that sells Urban Harvest seedlings. I don't know what kinds of tomatoes they offer though. Not many though since it is a small place and many of their plants get sold. This is not to be confused with yet another corner store that sells a larger number of herbs and veggies but on a different street.

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I have some, I'm just in Acton so Georgetown would be our mid point. I have (to name most if not all) Red star, pink accordion, pink oxheart, paul robeson, emerald evergreen, white queen, taxi, orange russian, roman striped, plum lemon, green grape, black cherry, cherry pink-o, german bi, hilbilly, pineapple. I am selling them right now if you're interested. They're a good size and a few have blooms already. They're greenhouse raised, say 10 weeks from planting date if I recall?

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raptorfan(z5 Ont, Cda)

thanks dexterdog! i would definitely like the german bi, pineapple, hillbilly, paul robeson,black cherry,pink oxheart, striped roman & a big red variety if i missed it (not red star pls). If you can email me at ydavis67@hotmail.com and you can let me know how much, when & where we can meet i'd really appreciate it. Thanks very much for replying to my post!

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raptorfan(z5 Ont, Cda)

hi dexterdog, is your offer still good? I'd sure like to meet up soon.


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