Why the pebbles or bark on top?

QSis(6)April 21, 2013

I'm looking at all the incredible photos of forum members here, and am wondering why people put pebbles or bark around the tops of their plants.

Functional or just decorative?


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The rock / gravel AKA top dressing is both, Lee, aesthetically pleasing, keeping down weeds and evaporation, sometimes supporting plants and one more thing to obsess about in the staging of a plant(s).

A few of the plants below were supported by the extra-chunky top dressing, obviously chosen for function over form.

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

A lot of times the soil mix has a lot of perlite in it and it will float to the top when watered. The soil can be very light. The pebbles on top help weight the soil down. It also can protect the soil from heat and top up evaporation. I like the look of the big chinks , especially when the plants get bigger.

I frown in bark chunks on top but bark in the mix is OK.

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Thank you for the replies!

I am beginning to understand the obsession myself!



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