tulip leaves

purple-anemoneMay 26, 2011

Can I ask if someone knows if its too late now to handle my mistake of planting my tulips & daffodils right in the front of the flowerbed? The leaves are unsightly now. Can I

1. transplant them now, leaves and all to somewhere behind other plants, for next year?

2. Can I cover the leaves with mulch now (or do they need sunlight?)

3.can I maybe pin the leaves down with something so that they lay flat?

Or any other ideas?

This is messing up the look of my new flower bed that I work so hard on :-)


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Hi Purple. The tulips are not fully hibernating yet so I would advise that you wait til summer to do this or when the leaves are fully brown. They can be unsightly but you can disguise the tulips by planting annuals around it or spread seeds on top of it. This is how I handle my tulips. So what kinds of annuals.. There are so many tall ones now like dames rockets, or larskpurs. Check out the garden center for plants you like. Annuals will grow fast and will cover everything in no time.

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask.

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Thank you

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