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nico6196(Z5a)May 4, 2009

I had started a side garden in our front lawn, my aim being to meet the new part with the old part. My husband edged the garden while I was gone this weekend and made the new garden wider, so now we cannot go straight back and meet exactly with the old garden (he didn't realize what I had done last year). Anyways, I'm trying to think of some ideas on how to cover this up. We cannot make the old garden wider as the gate is in the way. I was thinking that maybe putting a cedar in between would cover it up (plus cover up the meter on the wall) but I'm not loving that idea plus I don't know if it's so smart to plant a cedar so close to the foundation. So I've posted a picture, hopefully you can see the "old" garden which is farther back (with mulch and edged with rocks). Any ideas on how to cover this up or make it look less obvious? (I've tried to rotate this picture, it is right side up in photobucket, but for some reason it stays sideways here).

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I'm not sure what you meant by the old garden meeting up with the front garden. In anycase, my suggestion is you do need some plants by the front veranda. What do you think of a row of tall ornamental grasses (pennisetum 'Hamlyn') interplanted with purple conflowers and underplanted with sedum autumn joy.

I agree that cedars is not a good option. It's very hohum.. not to mention it will grow fairly too large in no time. Another shrub option would be yew which is again ordinary but at least it lends to some elegance if you shape them.

The grounds leading up to your garden gate looks to be very sunny and so would be ideal for a cottage like garden. I would suggest creating a curved bed first. Get a tall perennial to 'hide the meter and for that I would suggest a purple smoke tree, or perhaps a japanese maple? or PJ hydrangea limelight and then smaller perennial just benat the windows including a repeat of the front part with ornamental grasses.

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Thanks for the ideas. Keep them coming. I thought I would clarify... The pile of dirt at the bottom of the picture (by the front porch) is going to be a "new" expanded garden. Beyond the meter, underneath the satellite dish, in front of the gate is the "old" garden. (Oh, and I guess I got the picture right)

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Oh now I get it.

I think you should connect the front bed to the bed by the window. Ignore the drain or the meters, and work as if these are not there. Narrowest part of your old bed is by the gate area but you can widen the bed as you try to connect to the front forming a curved bed. A straight path feels too restrictive and less inviting. If all that front area is your property, do a curve path toward your gate.

I would also suggest a tall columnar evergreen to set on the left side of the gate or perhaps a sweet pendulous cherry tree, if not a Japanese maple. Another small but curvy bed along the back fence.

Plot everything on paper before attempting to finalize your plans. I sometimes would superimpose shapes of plants (round, plumy, columnar, fan shapes) on the photograph itself and this can give you some visual aid as to what you'd like to see or not... And once you are decided on shape, we can start making decisions on colours and types of plants.


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