Aeonium help please? wilting leaves ascending

minimumyApril 12, 2014

Hi all,

I'm a complete newbie to this forum and having plants.
I got this plant recently - it said Aeonium (and also sedum) on the label, I figure it's an Aeonium arboreum?

There's been an increasing number of yellow, wilted leaves from the bottom up (other than that one sticking out up there). They turn yellow from the end furthest from the stem, then progress, shrivel, brown and fall off. Perhaps about 8-10 have fallen off in the past week. There are 3 main rosettes branching off the main stem, and there seem to be 2 beginnings of another 2 starting around the largest main rosette.

I've just repotted it last week and have watered it that once. The top of the soil now feels dry though. It sits in a pot in a balcony and gets direct morning sunlight, then gets shaded from the afternoon sun (but the balcony warms up quite a bit). It is under shelter, so doesn't get rainwater. I'm in Melbourne, Australia, and autumn has finally arrived - the weather changed from sunny 25 to rainy with high humidity, maxa 20 a few days after repotting, if that matters. There were already a couple of yellow wilted leaves before repotting which I removed.

I'm wondering if I have a problem (eg over/under-watering or disease), or this is by any chance a young plant growing up? Photos I see of more mature plants (if I got the right plant) seem to show a long and more woody looking stem, which appears to be what is happening towards the bottom of the stem with mine, while the top seems fresh, green and juicy.

Thanks heaps.

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

Dropping a few of the oldest leaves is normal. It looks fine to me.

If you have high humidity, I wouldn't think you'd need to water much at all.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Aren't these moving toward dormancy now?
I noticed that my Aeonium is tightening its rosette, so I've backed off on the water.


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It's normal leaf loss - as the plant grows, the lower leaves die.

Josh, the poster is in Australia, and as such, they're going into growth mode.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Well that makes more sense, now doesn't it? ;-)


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Thanks all! Yay.
It's usually pretty dry but last week was just unusually humid.

Haha, yeah I'm upside down with my seasons. Makes me wonder what this plant does in a season-less country?

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Crenda SWFL 10A

Well, in SW Florida they go dormant, stay dormant, or rot. (OK, maybe that's just my plants. LOL) I've lost 5 trying to make them like our hot rainy humid summers. I have 2 left and I won't try to torture any more Aeoniums. I promise!

These guys had a nice 3-4 inch rosette when I bought them. They grew to 2 inches. They went dormant, lost all leaves, looked like sticks, but DID wake up this year, but they sure look pitiful. New growth is pretty skinny and rosettes are small. And it's about time to go dormant again. Poor things.

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Why not bring them indoors, as I have to do my Tylecodons and such, for the summer? Set them near a window and, other than the most minute watering once monthly, leave them alone. They'll start to spring back forward in September with their lovely, widening discs.

There are a few Aeoniums, IME, which do grow through the summer, but at a reduced rate. However, most of them enter their dormant stage at April, for the Northern Hemisphere. Their flowers last into May/June easily.

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Crenda SWFL 10A

I didn't do my research when I bought the Aeoniums. I planted some in the ground, thinking I would have lovely tall plants surrounded by other succulents. That quickly proved to be a mistake!

I pulled these two back out of the ground and put them on the lanai, under cover but in bright light. It was so humid that I didn't have to water any of my succulents last summer. Everything was wet and even my jades dropped a couple of branches.

So I will take your advice and move them inside. I don't think they can take another summer outside. I do envy plants like the OP has.


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