Very successful tulips from home depot

tropical_thought(San Francisco)April 7, 2011

I bought just one bag of parrots and chilled them in a dorm refrigerator without other foods. I planted March 1, and now in less in then one month. I got all kind of tulips that are not parrots. The bags went on sale on black Friday in which they are half off, being only 2.50 per bag. I wish I bought like five bags and put them all over the place. Next year I will. Three were parrots the rest were those more expensive exotics.

Here is a link that might be useful: Flickr view, then click previous to see the others

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In my mix of ten I got Rococos and Texas flames.

However in my 90 bulb mix of just red and yellow, I got over half that were mixed red and yellow (red petals with yellow edge). The yellow edge quickly faded and turned white. They looked like the ones in your photo without the ruffles.

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jenn(SoCal 9/19)

WOW!!! Is that color for real?

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tropical_thought(San Francisco)

Yes, there was no alternation to the color in photoshop. The heat can fade out the colors quickly. The best color happens when the flowers first bloom, then the colors begins to slowly fade out, each day looking less vibrant. This is why they say to plant them the season before in most climates, so they will bloom and be over before any heat happens. But, we just have bad rain and wind damage the flowers if planted at the normal time. If I plant them in Nov. they come up in January, because there is no dormant period. It never gets cold enough. January, February and March can have lots of cold rain.

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Last year I also bought tulips from Home Depot which I chilled for a couple of months without looking at them. When I went to plant them, it was obvious they were not #1 bulbs. They did grow and bloom but over time not all together and not the colors listed. I will not buy from them again, at least not tulips. Al

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tropical_thought(San Francisco)

Al, I would have been mad, if the bulbs I was getting did not cost more at brent and becky's, then the standard type. I look at as a grab bag surprise.

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