Finding weather data for comparison ??

joel_bc(z6 BC)May 1, 2013

I'm in need of an info source that could help in understanding changed local weather conditions. I've been gardening for over 30 years. We know from experience in our last three years that our local weather has involved cooler springs & later frosts (so planting has to be much delayed). At the same time, our summers have had fewer real-hot periods - and the mid-summer nights have been cooler (our time-tested corn varieties do not necessarily ripen ears).

I've located an Environment Canada site allowing access to daily or monthly temps (averages, plus highs and lows) for specific years - so it is not hard to come up with data for each of the last few problematic years. But I've tried to search the internet for "seasonal norms" for our area - you know, weekly or monthly temperature averages from something on the order of a 20-year or 30-year (or longer) period. "Crunched numbers". This is what I'm havng trouble finding.

Can anyone help me find my way to the "seasonal averages" sort of info that radio and TV weather announcers always make reference to? Thanks.

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Try the weather channel and look for the historical data for your region. They normally show weekly average temperature but also do show a 30 year average. See the link below

Here is a link that might be useful: weather channel

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joel_bc(z6 BC)

Thanks, ianna. The page for my home region does not include that info. I don't think they've had weather-sensing equipment in my little valley for long enough, yet.

However, I did use your suggestion in this sense: I found a "Contact" link and have sent them a message asking for week-by-week average temp-averags info - I sent them the name of one of the nearby larger towns, too. So possibly they will provide me with something useful.

May 11 post revision: It's now nine days later, I've sent three messages to the Weather Network, and I've rceived no reply from them. So possibly someone else here has an idea about where to go for this "seasonal norms" info?

Thanks, again.

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