seeking Big Zack Tomato plants around Montreal.

herbeapuce(5a)May 24, 2009


The 2 last years, I lost the one dollar bet with my neighbor for the biggest tomato.

this year I want to win ... !!

I'm looking for Big Zack, ready to put in the ground tomato plants, or maybe another variety ? it has to be available around Montreal please.

Thanks for your help



PS sorry I asked in 2 other canadian forum the same request. hope you don't mind..

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dianasan(z5a Mtl)

Have you tried Les Serres de Chez Nous? I don't have their list of heirloom tomatoes with me right now, but I'll check later for you.

Another variety you might try is Meme Beauce. I bought a plant for my brother last year and every tomato on that vine was huge and delicious too.

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dianasan, I will check them out for sure . it's not far away from where I live... Thanks a Lot for The Help. and l will also check out "Meme Beauce" ...
again thank you
Stef, Dorval.

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I'm just back from les serres de chez nous. they have a very nice selection of tomatoes. Nice people too! I got GOLD MEDAL, MEME BAUCE OP, and LIBAN. these 3 are 1000gr possible. it ended up a nice mix of colors: GM is bicolore, MB is red and L is pink.. ! happy gardening !


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dianasan(z5a Mtl)

herbeapuce, I got Libanese pink (Liban) from Les Serres last year and it did very well for me. I'm also growing Meme Beauce again this year and will probably go back to get Brown Berry and Sungold to replace a couple of tomato plants that aren't doing too well in my garden.

Good luck beating your neighbor this year!

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please help me.

les serres de chez nous don't do retail business anymore.

back to the question:

NOW, where can I get great big tomatoes in or around Montreal please?


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Their website says "We are the West Islands premiere wholesale and retail source for plants, trees, and everything related." "From spring to autumn, our retail store is filled with spectacular indoor tropical and outdoors plants, etc"

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they should update their website IMO....
les serres de chez nous was sold last year. I know because I went their last year as I usually do to get my tomatoes and I could not buy... they now only produce for one nursery . they do not sell to the public anymore
this year I called and got the same answer.

where to go please?

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dianasan(z5a Mtl)

Hi, stef and hello all! Good to be back.

Stef, I am so bummed out that Les Serres was sold to Pierrefonds Nursery last year. I used to get all my stuff from them. Their prices on tomatoes were the best.

This year I got my tomatoes at West Island Nursery and noticed they had some heirloom varieties. Unfortunately, I didn't note which varieties.

They are located on St. Charles Blvd. next to the Shell, between Brunswick and Pierrefonds Blvd.

BTW, how did you do with your bet?

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Hi Dianasan. I hope all is well with you.
Yes indeed it's no fun that les Serres are closed.... they had the best variety by far there... . this year I ended up going to Chez Jasmin , on Henry-bourassa West between highway 13 and Laurentien blvd. in ville St-laurent... If I am not mistaking I believe Les Serres are producing for this nursery now.. anyway I couldn't find my favorite tomato for winning bets.. , the Liban ,... There to they have a few heirlooms, but no big ones.... But I found there a tomato called black Pineapple ( ananas noire ) and this one is suppose to be delicious and different in color...
I won the bet 2 years ago with my tomate liban. it was 858 grams and 1'-5" around.... hehe

also I just bought some big Zack seeds on Ebay, these will be good for 2013...
happy growing

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dianasan(z5a Mtl)

Kudos on the win!

It's been years since I've been to Jasmine, but it's a great place.

Black Pineapple sounds intriguing. Let us know how it does.

I actually bought a Black Cherry a couple of weeks ago. It's supposedly very prolific and very tasty.

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