HAVE: Cannas

mammaofive(z6wv)March 25, 2006

Thanks to generous traders here I have Yellow Cannas and a few King Humberts (tubers). I also have:

Yellow Lotus Seeds

Yellow Daffodil Bulbs (after they finish blooming)

Maybe a few ozark beauty strawberries (If you have something REAL SPECIAL!)

Several species of zinnias

various vegetable seeds

Lots of other flower seeds

If you have something on my want list and do not see anything you desire here just ask.....you never know!!!!!


Pink Pampas

umbrella palm for palm

papyrus for pond

fiber optic grass

almost any type of ornamental grass

almost any type of pond plants except for lillies (unless you have a mini variety)

lotus tubers any variety

lily of the valley

black magic taro


OR IF IT'S NOT on my want list just give me a shout....

I am very open to trades!!!!! THANKS!!!!!


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Hello! I'm interested in some of your tall red cannas and yellow lotus seeds. I do have some miniature water lilies, some feather-grass and sage to trade. I also have plenty of other kinds of herbs, daylilies, tall cat-tails and a lot of started golden weeping willows.Let me know. You can email me at cin_haynes@yahoo.com
Please keep in mind, I am way up here in Michigan, so I would want to wait until about mid-May to collect any trades, so I know they are good, growing specimens that I send you.

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ldeardorff50(z6 OH)

I am very interested in your cannas,but I have nothing to trade except for yucca seed and a few castor bean seed.Thanks,

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I have over 100 seeds and 400 Rhizomes Red large and tall to trade for all other colors. I love my red but needs some othe mixed in. I hve the Rhizomes dug up cleaned and stored for winter so while they are a sleep make me some tade offers. I will trade even for even. I am very insterested in trading for your yellow cannas. let me know

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