Does anyone recognize this evergreen?

nature_nutMay 5, 2009

I got this tree a couple of years ago and this year it is bearing clusters of small red berries (or cones). I would like to know what type of evergreen this is. I thought it is a fir but I can't find one anywhere that has these berries. It had regular large cones last year but this spring these little fruit (not sure that's what they are) showed up. Would appreciate the help. I am including a couple of pictures.

Thanks everyone.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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It looks like a spruce of some sort. No berries but tiny cones.

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Looks like Abies concolor ("concolor fir") -- but I'm no expert, so if you want a bullet-proof ID, suggest you post your question on the UBC conifers forum (link below).

PS. the small cones are male cones... the regular-size ones are female cones.

Here is a link that might be useful: UBC conifers forum

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Thanks a lot. You answered my question. It looks like it is a fir after all and the cones are male. Pretty neat.

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