Fern leave peony

frankc(z3ab)May 23, 2011

My double flower fern leave has not come up yet. The singles are up and blooming and forever expanding in area.

The double stayed as a single plant for couple of years.Wondering if the the double is not as hardy.

Planted a mauve fern leaf see if that will survive the winter and flower for me next spring.

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green_thumb_guy(Z5 Ont)

My Double has never bloomed as a single. Are you sure that it was a double? Mine are blooming right now.

My thought is that your double may not be any more.

I haven't heard of mauve fernleaf. Any pics?

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Mine is up and the flower head is there but we have had so little sun/warmth that I know it won't open. At least the plant is alive considering the winter and now spring we have had in these parts. There were still frost warnings for parts of NB last night....this is nuts!

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Thanks for the response,slight frost last nite.Dont see any damage,will see later in the day.
My double had bloomed for couple of years,to date it hasnt come up.So I'm assuming I lost it.My singles ia a patch about 1 square yard and full of blooms.The mauve I just brought back from state side,dont expect any blooms this year. Ijust hope it will survive this next winter.

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