No leaves yet on Maple..... help!!!!

dave9May 12, 2006

I purchased a Red Maple last September I planted it on a gradual slope. It dropped its leaves last fall and I expected to see a beautiful tree this year. Unfortunately it is Spring (May 12) and I have to leaves on the tree. I do have buds on the branches but have no idea if they are from last year. The Tree seems healthy as under the bark it is nice and green. I took the lower protective cover off the trunk as I had left it on over the winter (live in Canada, mild winter), I noticed that there was a relatively large and deep gash under the cover. I immediately treated the area with Pruning Sealer wax (yesterday) and wished I had discovered this when I planted it last fall.

I am relatively new to this and am not sure if this could be the reason I have no leaves let. Could there be another problem? In you opinion is the Tree dead? What should I do. Could this be planting shock?

Please Help


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Here in Toronto, most maples are in full leaf, but our locust is just budding. Maybe the location is slowing down tha budding process. I'd give it more time before I wrote it off.

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"Under the bark is nice and green..." It's still alive, and I would give it time. A common maple would have leafed out by now, but I'm not familiar with ornamental maples such as the Japanese ones.

Not sure where you are in Canada, but here in the Halifax NS area, I had shrubs bud out and start leafing in January during a warm spell. Those shrubs took much longer to leaf out in May and one of them still has no signs of 'life', but the branches are green under the bark and I know it's just a matter of time.

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