HAVE: Intrigue for pink or variegated cannas

Baylady(Z8 Va)April 18, 2008


I posted an offering of Intrigue last year about this time and had a sudden death in my family (my sister)which made me lose any interest in trading for quite a while.

I would like to trade canna Intrigue rhizomes and/or seeds for a nice pink canna or ones with variegated foliage.



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I have several cannas with variagated foliage: Bengal Tiger,
Striped Beauty, Bengal Tiger Gold, Cleopatra; and one really beautiful pink canna, but the rhizomes are down at my new place, and for the life of me I can't think of that one's name. She's clear pink and about 5 feet high with bright green foliage.
Hope we can trade! I've been wanting Intrigue for awhile. I love its dark foliage. 'Australia' is really gorgeous too, but I've not found it for trade yet.

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I would love to get an Intrigue start from you. I can part with lucifer, canna glauca,indica'red stripe', and maybe a pretoria.
Let me know

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Hi, Lily here again, I forgot to mention I have Red Stripe, and need to ask if you could reply here - my email is giving me fits just now.

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Hi Lily,
I've been reading ya'lls post. I have a couple of starts of Australia I would be willing to part with for a couple of starts of your Pink Canna. I also have some very tall purple leaved canna called Wyoming if you are interested in a start of it. I grow it mainly for the contrasting colors in the foilage with the green cannas.

I'm up for trades for any cannas I don't already have lots of starts of.

The ones I have are:
En Avante
Florence Vaughn
Pink Beauty
Princess Di
Rosemond Cole
King City Gold
Tropicanna Black
Tropicanna Gold
Banana Canna
and probably several others I'm forgetting to write down.

I do not have a red canna and would be interested in getting a start of one of them too. LOL

Happy Gardening and I hope to hear from you soon.
P.S. If you can I"d like a email from you.

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i too am lookin for pink canna, australia, tropicannas, if any of you are intrested i have a colection of jews, or hen and chicks , all sort of cacty (thornless) send me an e if interested.. one4everbigmama@yahoo.com

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