Pomagranate not blooming

svenska(CA18/19)April 8, 2013

I have a three year old pomegranate in a very large pot. The tree seems happy, has put out good new branches and foliage each year after a 1/3 pruning while dormant. However, it has never bloomed. It leafs out wonderfully and is attractive in that way, but of course, I want more. It gets morning and early afternoon sun, but I have it in shade during the hottest afternoon. Because it's in a pot I didn't want to cook the roots. I had never fertilized it before this spring, but did use a "tea" that was somewhat heavy on the phosphorus side about three weeks ago. I'm getting lots of new leaves, but still can't spot a bloom. Any hints?

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Three years is not very old. Why do you prune it? I have two 15 years old that bloom, but I never prune them. One is a wonderful and one is a nana. It is way too early for them to bloom this year. Al

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Suzi AKA DesertDance

I have 4, in-ground. One is blooming but the other 3 haven't bloomed yet. They are all in full sun, and have not been pruned.


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bluerose4(9/10 sunset24)

I have 4 eversweet poms in gound that are 3 yrs old. A couple of them are putting on buds for the first time now but none on others. I have also read that blooms may not lead to fruits for another year or two. If your tree is healthy it just need to mature. I can hardly wait for my first home grown pom... Hope you get to have yours soon too!


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